Part 43
Opeyemi Akintunde

Maurine had the strong feeling to call Pamilerin after seeing her in the dream begging for her help.

“Dearest Mom, Please help me!”

“Help you? You didn’t appreciate the help I gave you initially, you felt the help was not enough”

“I am sorry, Please Mummy, I am trapped… Forgive me…”

Dearest Mom had woken up from that dream and she knew she had to call Pamilerin.

She tried dialing Pamilerin’s number, but it was ending almost immediately like her number had been barred.

She called Freeman instead.

Freeman had given the sad news of the video he had received from the Lady and how her number had not been going through.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Dearest Mom accused Freeman.

“Mum I did, In fact there was a revelation I wanted to share with you for better understanding.”

“What revelation?’

Freeman narrated the dream to her…

“Mum, I saw a mother who was angry with her daughter. The mother in a bid to show her anger was b€ating the child. The Child however was apologizing and asking for Mercy. The Mother was so angry she didn’t heed the daughter’s plea. Eventually, when the Mother satisfied her rage, she stepped back only to find her body full of sore, wounds and openings. So, instead of the child having the injury it was the mother who had the injury.”

Maurine knew what the dream meant. It was a confirmation of the dream she just had.

She was the mother, and Pamilerin was the child. The b€ating was the punishment of neglect. Maurine knew she had to Forgive Pamilerin so that she won’t be the one to suffer the consequences of whatever punishment she was giving to her.

“Hmm… Pamilerin hurt me a lot, but I guess I am still unconsciously seeing her as not my child because when any of my children hurt me, I don’t discard them” Maurine said out loud.

“Mummy, please forgive my wife and please together let us bring her back. The force of a mother and a husband with God can pull Pamilerin back.” Freeman pleaded.


Baba Shagba sat in his Shrine thinking about Beauty and Winter’s directive to kill her…

“I hope someday this woman will not kill me too, when she is through with me. I don’t trust her. She may get a higher herbalist and finish me.” Baba Shagba reasoned.

“One step at a time, when we get to that bridge, we will cross it. Let me take care of the girl” Baba Shagba resolved.

He was leaving for Winter’s place. It was the perfect timing to kill Beauty without suspicion. He would fire the arrow at her from Winter’s place.

Winter had sent him the address and from his estimation, it would take him four hours to get there. It was going to be a night Job and hopefully, if everything goes well, he would come home in the morning to meet Beauty’s dead body.


“That’s not how Christianity works. The gift of revelation is a special gift from God, He didn’t reveal what He did to you for you to confront Iya Rolake physically. The weapon of our warfare is not carnal. There are different forces attacking your daughter, from your end and from her husband’s end. God has just revealed to you the attack from your end for you to handle it.

When we are through with it, we can now invite the husband and tackle whatever attack coming from his end. The attack could be from the husband’s girlfriend you said you made blind. Who knows, someone may be fighting on her behalf” Aina said to a tensed Ajoke who was on her way to attacking Iya Rolake physically.

“Hmm.. so What prayer am I meant to pray?

“Any Power attacking my children as a way of attacking me, God, overthrow their wickedness and put an end to their evil powers in Jesus Name”… Aina said.

“I am not leaving here until they call me that my daughter is back home..”

“That’s the Spirit, that is the Jacob Spirit. The Spirit of ‘God, I won’t leave your Presence until you answer me’ ” Aina encouraged her.

Ajoke sat on the bare sandy floor of the village church.

As she opened her mouth to talk to her Father, prayer points poured out of her heart unto God…

“Father, Do not put me to Shame over this Child, Lord, she is the Hope and light of my family. Lord, do not permit the enemy to put out the light of my family out of envy. Lord, any power that wants me to weep over my daughter, Lord give them their own tears in exchange in Jesus name.”

Ajoke travailed. For the years she was not available for Pamilerin, she decided to make it worthwhile.


Maurine on getting home decided to hold a vigil for Pamilerin. She called three Pastors to Join her in the vigil.

As Maurine sat in the living room, she went through the family Pictures, looking for one of Pamilerin’s pictures to use as a point of contact. As she looked through the Photo Album, she saw for the first time, the partiality Pamilerin had spoken about. In the photos, Pamilerin’s outfit always looked odd from that of her daughters’.

“ God, I am sorry if I failed.”

“I told you to take her as your daughter, not Like your daughter. It is two different things” a soothing Voice replied her.

“As my daughter, Not like my daughter?” Maurine asked for clarification.

“Yes… I told you AS your daughter. I wanted you to become her mother. If I wanted you to just help her escape poverty, I would have told you to treat her like your daughter. You failed me Maurine. Your daughter, who another woman birthed for you is at the verge of death.

I would request her blood from your hands. That is the dream Freeman had. You thought you were punishing Pamilerin by abstaining from her, but you didn’t realize you were punishing yourself. If you lose Pamilerin, you have lost the daughter who will take care of you in your old age.

Your daughters do not plan on returning to this country ever. I have seen that future, and I decided to bring Pamilerin to you, as she will be the one in the country in your old age. If you let her die now, your old age will be lonely and you will be very sickly.” The HolySpirit’s familiar voice educated Maurine…

“My God! Have Mercy on me and Help me to correct my error. Please don’t let it be too late…”

Part 44
Opeyemi Akintunde

Timothy had a strong leading to fast that day, which he did but towards evening, he started feeling very weak.

At 5:30pm, which was the usual time for him to leave his house to the place he had been preaching for the past 4 weeks, he laid on his bed faced up…

“Father, I am tired. Can I sleep in today?”

“If you faint in the day of adversity, Your Strength is Small” Timothy heard in his Spirit.

“ Godddddd!” Timothy said.

He rose from the bed. He had no choice but to obey His Father. He planned on staying there briefly.


It was 6 pm, Obinna had volunteered to join Freeman in his prayers. They had agreed to pray at intervals of 6pm, 9pm, 12 midnight, 3am , 6am for 3 days straight. Obinna called in and the rate at which Freeman picked up his phone at the first ring, showed Freeman was ready to get back his wife no matter.

They started with a session of Praise as led by Obinna…

“ We need to thank God for Creating us as Men, we are God’s First creation who he placed on this earth to care for this beautiful garden of His. God has given us different sections of his beautiful garden to care for, you my Friend you care for ICT needs of this garden called life. I care for the health of people. Let’s thank Him for this amazing life he has given us as men. We thank God we are not Jobless…”

Obinna and Freeman went deep in thanksgiving, though they were far away in different countries…

“Secondly, let’s thank Abba father for giving us the gift of marriage..”

They prayed that for another five minutes.

“Thirdly, we need to pray for the Mercy of God. My Man, adultery is one of the sins God detests so much, so at this point, My Man, we are at the point of “ God Forgive me or I go nowhere.”

Freeman laid on the floor in his room groaning in prayer.


Remi, Venita, Juanita and Theresa heard Freeman’s groaning from his bed room…

“Why is Daddy crying?” Theresa asked

“He is not crying, he is praying” Venita clarified

“ About Mum” Juanita asked.

Theresa was the only one who didn’t have the understanding of what was going on. Freeman had told her, Mummy was on a business course with Mrs Winter. This was what he had told Juanita and Theresa, but the story stopped making sense to Juanita when she continually heard Remi and Venita praying about how their Mum should be free from all forms of bewitchment. She had asked them why and Venita in frustration had said…

“Juanita, are you blind? Don’t you know Mum and Dad are having problems? Mrs. Winter is trying to separate Mum from Dad.” Venita had said in an exasperated manner.


“We don’t know, but what matters is we bringing back Mum and dad together”

Since that day, Juanita joined them in the daily intercession before bedtime.

“Why don’t we start praying as well from now. There is nothing else we are doing at the moment. While Daddy is praying in the room, why don’t we pray as well. Remember the story of Jairus taking Jesus to heal his daughter, we can change the narrative and we talk to Jesus to bring Mummy back home…” Remi said enlightening the girls.

The girls raised their voices…


Obinna and Freeman were still in the mood of prayer…

“My first prayer focus is that I want God to silence any voice commanding me to obey the polygamous law of my father’s house.” Freeman said.

“Yes, but let us make it broader, Polygamy may not be the only evil law in your father’s house. So Let’s pray that Lord silence all voices commanding me to obey any evil law of my father’s house.”


Timothy arrived unusually late. Beauty had told Yewande to go check outside if the preacher was around. Yewande didn’t know Beauty was listening to the preacher.

“You know Uncle Timothy?”

“The Preacher? Is that his name?”

“If it has been the preacher that has been preaching at the T junction for weeks now, it is the volunteer uncle that comes to our School to preach at times. His name is Uncle Timothy. I saw him two weeks ago at the T-Junction. He did wave at me.”

“Please I need to speak to him, He has been the voice of hope speaking to me for over 4 weeks. Please tell him about me or can you take me to him..” Beauty said in rush.

Yewande went quiet… In between that silence, Timothy voice came up…

“ Praise the Lord!” Timothy said.

“ He is around! Is he the same person you know.”

“Huh huh” Yewande answered quietly.

Beauty understood she was asking for too much. If Yewande took her out of the house, she would be in trouble.

“Never mind, I understand why you can’t take me out, you think I will escape? And put you in trouble? I won’t do that to you, I promise you that if you take me out , I will come back here. Please I just need to speak to this man…” Beauty pleaded.

Yewande was very unsure, she didn’t think she could do what Beauty was asking her to do for her.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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