Part 41
Opeyemi Akintunde

Freeman was from a polygamous family of five wives. His father had married his mother as the fourth wife. Life, therefore, was a battle growing up. The unhealthy rivalry was second to none.

The wives showed openly the desire for their kids to be better than the kids of their rivals. Therefore, life was a battle. His birth name had been Bodunde, but the moment, he left his father’s house to go live with his Maternal Uncle, he changed his name to Freeman.

He left home when his mother died. He was finally free from his father’s house.

“Am I really Free?, I hope the wicked forces of my father’s house who are always bent on crushing people are not after me? I hope they are not the ones trying to take Pamilerin from me, so I can be brought back to nothing?”

Freeman rose. He wasn’t planning to go down, he refused to go down. He called Obinna Back…

“ Brother you are right!”

“ About?”

“The devil wants to make me obey the law of my father’s house”

“ hmm…”

“ Number 1, they wanted me to be a polygamist like my father, but Pamilerin found out and I broke up with my girlfriend. These evil powers of my father’s house realized they had failed, they thought of another way of ruining me.

They decided to touch my wife. The devil realized my wife would never watch me be destroyed or reduced to nothing. He decided to attack her and take her away from me. He raised a serpent against my wife”

“ Yes Brother, and like I said earlier, you are the target. Adam was the target. The devil wanted to take him away from his place of dominion, he knew if he subdued his wife, Adam would be subdued automatically which is exactly what happened.

My man, will you let the serpent subdue you? Now is not the time to push blames on your wife, like Adam did… Instead get up, ask for Forgiveness for letting the serpent into your home and rescue your wife.” Obinna said

“ Will you support me?”

“ Sure, what are friends for?”

“Thanks man… how do I start and what do I do?”

“ We must go on a Spiritual rescue mission”

“I wish you were around, so we can go to the house together.”

“Even if I was around, we won’t go there immediately. The weapon of our warfare is not carnal. We must settle this case spiritually. The Serpent has imprisoned Pamilerin’s Spiritman, we need to get her out of that imprisonment. The Spirit of man bows to the Spirit of God, we must be in the Spirit to get Pamilerin’s Spirit man to bow to the Spirit of God.” Obinna said enlightening Freeman


If Someone had told Ajoke she would be in a church for three weeks, she never would have believed it.

After leaving Aremu her Herbalist Friend, she went home straight. She deliberated for two days before finally settling to go to her old-time friend Aina who was now popularly referred to as Mama Church.

The moment she walked into the church, she felt the shivers. Aina on seeing her screamed, jumping up from where she sat on the floor reading her Bible…

“ Ajoke! Halleluya! So God’s Promise Has eventually come to pass”

“ God’s Promise?”

“ Ajoke, God Promised me that someday, you will step foot on this Land of His. I have been praying for God to touch your heart that you might see the light, and He Kept assuring me that someday, you will be the one to walk into this place yourself”

“Well, I guess the time is now…but don’t get your hopes high.”

“Why would you say that?”

“You have always known that my challenge with Christianity is God’s way of answering slowly, and the matter in my hand is very urgent”

“God is not slow to answer our prayers, but a lot of factors can make Him seem Slow”


“First and Foremost, Our sins may shut His ears from earing our cry for help, secondly God is a God of Timing, Most times, He may not answer some prayers because the time to answer it may not have come. Thirdly, sometimes people pray amiss, and God will not answer a wrong prayer.

Unlike the herbalist that will kill a friend for you when you ask him to, My God will never answer the prayer of wickedness. So Ajoke I don’t know what brought you here, but bear in mind that God doesn’t just answer prayers he will consider your request wholy and take the right decision as to your request.”

“I understand everything you have said, but do you mean God cannot answer me Speedily?’

“God can answer you speedily, as long as you meet His requirement of accepting His son as your Lord and personal Saviour.

Once you have that access into His Presence, you then sit in His Presence and behave like Jacob who made up his mind not to let go until God blesses Him. If you have a request, you can sit in prayer over that matter, till God answers…”

“ I am Ready… It’s about Pamilerin…”

Ajoke narrated all that happened to Aina, and Aina Assured her, that God would restore her daughter.

“Father, I bring myself before you, Forgive me of my sins. I accept your son Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. Help me to follow after Christ and live a life of righteousness. Let your Holy Spirit abide in me in Jesus Name I pray.” Ajoke had prayed as led by Aina.

Ajoke agreed to stay in the Premises for 27 days as instructed by Aina. Aina told her she perceived in her Spirit that Ajoke should stay and wait upon the Lord.

Ajoke was on Day 19, when she had a strange dream…

Ajoke saw herself gorgeously dressed on her way out, Iya Rolake was looking at her from a distance enviously. Iya Rolake went into her room and knocked at a part of her wall three times like she was knocking at a door. The wall gave way and Iya Rolake walked into a room. The Room was a coven…

“ Ajoke… You keep flaunting your daughter’s wealth so that I can know that my own daughter is useless, Listen, I know Aremu has fortified you and your death will not be easy for me. Besides, if you die, I won’t be able to mock you.

I want to see you reduced to nothing and the only way for me to do that is to uproot your source of Joy. Pamilerin! Pamilerin! Pamilerin, I won’t kill you suddenly, because I want to watch your mother suffer, instead, I will kill you slowly.

Pamilerin, I ask the demon of affliction, marital problems, sickness to locate you now. I also put in your heart bitterness towards your mother. Begin to see her as the source of your problem. Go into error, different kind of unforgivable errors.”

Part 42
Opeyemi Akintunde

Pamilerin’s Spirit had been subjected to hard labour in the realm she found herself. Pamilerin Spirit had to go on evil assignments like attacking children in their Sleep. Pamilerin’s Spirit sometimes would be told to go steal people’s money from their bags and bring it to the treasury.

Most humans would wake in the morning and realize the money in their bags are missing. They would not be able to understand what was happening.

The one Pamilerin hated most was the way they had to rape men and women in their houses. It is the release of the Sp€rm or the woman’s gasp of satisfaction that they brought back to the treasury.

Every day was a day of hunting or mining of virtues. Once the tree prison of each person was opened, they rushed out like droves to hunt for virtues.

They had been told that if they could reach one thousand souls in one month, they would be released. Unfortunately, Pamilerin had only reached 269 in her three weeks of hardwork.

“Will I ever get out of here?” Pamilerin thought to herself. Without forcing it, tears rolled her cheeks…


Winter was still in front of Pamilerin when she noticed tears flowing down her cheeks. She still had her dazed look.

“Pamilern, I knew you were still there. Hey, you don’t have to cry. Listen, I am here. You just have to fight this drug in your system and come out of it.”

Winter felt a little bit of compassion for Pamilerin as she could imagine what she was feeling. She knew Pamilerin mind was active, but it felt like she was in a kind of prison.

Winter thought of the means of getting Pamilerin back to her self.

Baba Shagba!


Beauty’s three weeks had been similar to Ajoke’s three weeks. The Preacher was always at the same spot for three weeks twice daily to preach. Beauty felt like she was in a Bible School. Though she had no Bible, she could recite some Bible Passages the preacher used in his messages…

“We Overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of Our Testimony”. The Preacher had made Beauty understand that Jesus’ blood that was shed for us on the cross is a powerful weapon. It could be used for protection and for battle.

Beauty realized she could use the blood of Jesus to overcome the kingdom of darkness. Therefore, ever since she heard that Scripture, she was always calling the blood of Jesus over Baba Shagba’s house and Shrine.

Silently, she would always declare “I plead the blood of Jesus over everything and everyone in this house. Blood of Jesus destroy all works of darkness over everyone in this house.

Another Scripture Beauty had Memorized was…

“Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought!”

Beauty personalized it “Surely there is no enchantment against Beauty, neither is there any divination against Beauty: by this time next year it shall be said of Beauty, What hath God wrought!”

Beauty’s faith was strong, she knew she wasn’t going to die in Captivity. She knew she was going to return home. She knew God had forgiven her for her Selfishness and fornication. Beauty could tell, soon she was going to get out of the Lion’s den.

However, the time she had left in the Prison, she was using it well as Joseph did. The Preacher once said, ‘Joseph was a cheerful prisoner and in Prison he helped people interpret their dreams’.

Beauty became cheerful and useful in the house. Despite being blind, she helped with Yemisi’s homework and other children. She would tell them to read out their notes to her and with that she would help them.

Beauty influenced Lara into listening to the preacher’s message. God also arrested Lara. Lara also started reciting Numbers 23 verse 23 always and it felt like the love veil was tearing off her face daily.

One day, she woke up sharply, asking…

“ What am I doing Here?”

“ Lara!It’s me Beauty…”

Lara looked at Beauty strangely.

It all came rushing back to her, how she had come to Baba Shagba for a charm and how she suddenly started liking him.

“I remember now, I was Charmed…” Lara said.“Yes! Beauty, that Bible word about no charmed working against us, must have worked on me…”

“ Yes…”

“I feel like my old self… What do we do? We need to get out of this place…Let’s plan on how to get out…” Lara said in a rush…

“No… Calm down Lara… Let us commit it into God’s hands, I am sure He will tell us what to do next.”


Baba Shagba’s phone rang. He had so much anger for Winter. She had abandoned Beauty with him and for three weeks he had been trying to call her, all to no avail. Baba Shagba was almost selling Beauty to one of those men who bought human parts but he felt restricted.

“Yes!’ Baba Shagba answered harshly.

“Baba Shagba, I know you are angry. Please don’t be, I didn’t just desert you because I wanted to.”

“So you are aware you deserted me, you left your blind friend with me to nurse.”

“ You haven’t killed her? I thought I told you to dispose her. I have no need of her anymore” Winter said.

Baba Shagba took a pause… Winter was a devil.

“I didn’t kill her for fear you coming back to ask of her, but since you have given me the final directive now, don’t worry I will clear her.”

“Ok, so like I was saying, something unexpected came up. The love portion did not work on the man, but somehow the wife started liking me instead. I decided to take advantage of that. I took her to a party and she got high there. After that, it seems like her senses disappeared. Please I want you to come over and check her for me…”

“How much?” Baba Shagba asked bluntly.

“How much for what?” Winter replied.

“How Much are you paying me, because my fees have gone up… and don’t tell me you don’t have the money..”

“I don’t …” Winter replied.

“What about all the money from Beauty’s account you moved to yours…”

Winter was shocked by the words. She wondered how he knew about that…

“I know things Winter, don’t underestimate me.” Baba Shagba said boastfully.

Winter took a deep breath…

“I will pay you whatever you want. I want her to be better because once she is back to her normal state, I can use her to get all her husband’s wealth.”


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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