Part 39
Opeyemi Akintunde

Ajoke was lost as to what she had to do. Pamilerin was the best of her Children, Pamilerin was her hope, her other kids were illiterates. Pamilerin was the one helping with all her financial needs. She didn’t mind going any length for her, but going to Mama Church was quite extreme.

Ajoke was not a lover of Christianity, because she felt Christianity was slow. She felt Christianity was also a religion that couldn’t deal with people on one’s behalf. She loved to teach people lessons in a diabolical way.

Mama Church was not a stranger to her, infact, Mama Church used to be very close to her. Mama Church, Iya Rolake and Ajoke had been very close in their younger years, but Mama Church who she knew as Aina gave her life to Christ when some Missionaries had come to their village. Aina tried to force Ajoke and Iya Rolake into Christianity but they were not interested. Though Aina’s Children did not go to the City like Pamilerin, their lives were enviable. She had Five daughters and they all were doing well. They were into business, Poultry, Farming and the richest out of her daughters was into Bakery. She was the only Bread Maker in their Village.

Mama Church’s life reflected that though the God of the Christians may not rush to give answers to the prayers of His believers, but one thing was sure, He would answer them in grand style eventually.

“Hmm, God of Mama church… I am coming to you, please don’t disappoint me.” Ajoke said.


Maurine sat on the dining table sipping her coffee… she was reflecting on how she picked up Pamilerin at the age of 10 and groomed her for 16 years and yet Pamilerin dare say those terrible things about her.

Her phone rang. It was Freeman calling. She Ignored the call…


Freeman knew the best person who could give him the interpretation of the dream was Dearest Mom, but she was not picking up his call.

Another call intercepted another attempt of his to call Dearest Mom. It was Chief Gabriel calling.

“Hello Sir! Good Morning Sir. I hope you had a great night sir?” Freeman Said.

“Yes Freeman, I am good. A quick one, we are going to pend the investment for a while. I need to rethink my investment decision” Chief said with his professional voice

“Sir? What? What’s wrong sir? Did I do something wrong?’ Freeman said. He could see everything ending for him.

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong, I just need to clarify certain things on my end. Once, I have it settled, I will call you back.” Chief said before hanging up abruptly.

Freeman turned 360 degrees in his living room. It felt like the room was turning repeatedly.

“God, please… don’t do this to me.”

“God didn’t do this to you, you did this to yourself!” a voice replied him.


Two days later…

Winter didn’t understand what was happening anymore . It had been two days since Pamilerin slept, the drug was meant to wear out after a day and a half. Winter’s only consolation was that she was breathing well.

Winter sat her up and propped her with a pillow. Pamilerin’s eyes were widely opened but it felt like she was brain drained.

“Pamilerin can you hear me?” Winter asked.

Pamilerin only blinked. She looked like she was in distress.

“Pamilerin answer me…” Fear had set into Winter.

Winter rushed out of the room. She went out to search for the lady who sold the Leary to her.

“Hey…” Winter said on seeing her.

“Yes, how many wraps?” She asked eagerly.

“I don’t want any wrap.. my friend is behaving strangely… I gave her two wraps of the Leary and she slept for two days straight. Just now I was able to wake her up, but she is looking dazed and not saying anything.” Winter said in a rush.

Winter saw the look of fear in her eyes…

“Let me have a look at her…”

Winter could see fear in the lady and that aggravated Winter’s fear. Pamilerin dying or losing her mind was going to destroy her plans. If only Pamilerin had done the video, Winter would have sent the video to the organization and she would have made a lot of money from that.

“She took too much.. her brain is fried…” the lady said to Winter.

“What can you do to bring her back?’

“Me? What do I do? Was I the one who gave her the overdose. You better take her to a very good hospital, maybe they will be able to flush out the drug from her system.” She walked out on saying the last word.

Winter looked around, confused on what she had to do…This was not her plan…

Part 40
Opeyemi Akintunde

The next three weeks was eventful for all the players of the game…

Winter had moved Pamilerin back home. She still had the dazed look. She wasn’t eating, but Winter had employed a nurse who was giving her intravenous fluids.

“Pamilerin please don’t do this to me! Fight this. I know you are in there… I mean think about the life we are going to have together… Fight this and come out of it…” Winter said feeling very frustrated.

She was coming to the end of her patience with Pamilerin. If Pamilerin didn’t get better, it meant all she had worked for would be in vain. Her husband in Abuja had told her if she didn’t return home before the end of the month, which was two weeks away, their marriage was over. Winter couldn’t lose on two ends, she had to think fast…


Freeman had not been himself, everything about his life was going down the drain. In the last three weeks, clients were dropping him. Companies he was offering ICT services to, asked not to have their contract renewed.

Chief had also blocked his line. It was times like this he needed Pamilerin.

He had tried Pamilerin’s number severally, but it was unreachable.

Pamilerin’s birth mother did not come visiting again, but called him to tell him, she was working on getting Pamilerin back.

Dearest Mom was not picking his call.

The Only Person that was with him was his friend Obinna. Obinna was his University best friend, who despite not being in the country, tried to call him at least once a month. The call was always a catch-up call which could take hours. That was the only friend Pamilerin could stand. The last time Obinna Called, was when he initially met Winter. He had told him, he couldn’t talk for long as he was busy at the moment. Obinna had made the call brief.

Obinna had called after Pamilerin left the house, but Freeman had ignored his call, but two weeks earlier, he had called Obinna himself explaining everything to him…

“Freeman, you need to get your wife back !”

“How? I just told you she is not ready to come home.”

“Guy, your wife is your backbone, you and I know you are nothing without that woman. God gave her to you as a gift.”

“I know Obinna, it is obvious Pamilerin’s absence in my life is making a lot of things absent in my life. Obinna, my business is crashing… Pamilerin has always been my prayer warrior…”

“So my guy, you know this and you are not doing what you ought to do. Guy, I don’t joke with my wife. A wife can make or mar you. Don’t you know that the devil understands that women are delicate and the gateway to ruining men? Why do you think the serpent didn’t go to meet Adam? He knew Adam would not be easily swayed, but the woman was an easy target. Guy, if you think your wife is the target and you don’t care what happens to her, you are mightily mistaken. It’s you the devil wants to deal with. “

“Obinna is making a lot of sense” Freeman had thought to himself

Freeman remembered the devotional he had stumbled on earlier that day while scrolling through his mail with the hope of getting a mail from any of his clients. He went back to mail and it read…


“Since I can’t kill him, hurt his family, and if you can’t hurt them all, at least kill one of his daughters” Folabi had told the herbalist

Folabi was referring to Michael, his colleague at work. Michael was the CEO’s best staff. The CEO gave Michael lots of bonuses. He bought a car for him as a gift despite having an official car.

Folabi hated Michael. Folabi was angry because Michael was a junior staff to him and in fact, he was the one who interviewed him and recommended him for employment…

Folabi tried setting him up a few times, but Michael was always going free…

Folabi became desperate to the point of wanting to kill Michael. On getting to the herbalist, the herbalist tried killing Michael but failed.

“ The man has a strong head ooo…He can’t be killed…I suggest you leave him” The herbalist had said.

Folabi had left very defeated but he was not going to give up.

Folabi went back the next day..

“Since I can’t kill him, hurt his family, and if you can’t hurt them all, at least kill one of his daughters”

This reminds me of the story of Balak and Balaam. Balak was so envious and bitter about the Israelites that he employed Balaam to curse them, but instead God made Balaam bless them.

Balak refused to give up, he took Balaam to a place where he could see a part of the Israelites and told Balaam, if he couldn’t curse the whole people, he should at least curse a part of the people…

Why? He knew that if he could curse a part of them, over time, the curse will spread to the entire camp.

Have they tried to get you, but they have been unsuccessful, you need to pray that God preserves everything that is yours so that no part belonging to you, I.e Your business, your family, your children, your finances, your health e.t.c be tampered with.


Oh Lord, let not any part of my life be Available for the devil’s touch in Jesus name

Numbers 23:13

Then King Balak told him, “Come with me to another place. There you will see another part of the nation of Israel, but not all of them. Curse at least that many!”

Freeman knew the devotional was for him. He remembered how long it took him to get a job, he remembered that Pamilerin was the one who gave him a job after many years. Pamilerin was the one who supported him in est@blishing his firm. He remembered the kind of family he came from. The family that swallowed success.

Freeman did a quick evaluation of his family. Without a doubt, he had come from a terrible background…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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