Part 35
Opeyemi Akintunde

From where Lara laid weakly on the bed, she wished she could tell Beauty not to fall for whatever Chigozie was whispering into her ears.

Lara knew the Baby was going to be used for rituals.

She had heard the communication between Baba Shagba and Chigozie as

soon as she birthed the child…

“Seven stars…” Baba Shagba had said

“Jackpot!” Chigozie replied ” Who would appreciate it more?”

“Chief Ega. but what is the s€x?…”

“It‟s a boy!”

“I thank my stars” Baba Shagba said

“This is cool money, call Chief that the container has landed”

Lara knew they were going to pound the boy for some kind of charm for


” Bea…Beaut…Beauty…” Lara called

“Yes…” Beauty answered sharply

“Let them do what they want to do” Lara said.

She had two reasons. First, she wanted to rid herself of caring for a child by Baba Shagba. She knew she was in a cage, and there was no way out. Taking care of a child in a cage

didn’t look good.

Secondly, she didn’t want Beauty losing her life trying to defend her.

“No…Lara…we will save your baby…” Beauty tried to find Lara.

“What is happening here?” Baba Shagba’s voice sent shivers down her spine. Ever since he raped her, his presence was always fearful to her.

Chigozie quickly took him out…


Baba Shagba came back with Chigozie

“How do we get the money?” He said

Beauty realized Chigozie must have let him in on the exchange.

“I can transfer the money if you get me my phone. Lara will help me with

the transfer, I will use my f!ngerprint to access it.”

Chigozie and Baba exchanged looks. Baba Shagba went into his room to get

the phone.

Lara had heard Beauty saying something about money and she helping her

with it.

Lara wished Chigozie could leave the room for few minutes, so she could tell Beauty not to do any business with Chigozie. Chigozie was sly.

“Beauty…what are you planning to buy?” Lara said stylishly…

Beauty followed the voice to find her ear and whispered in her ear.

“I am paying for your child not to be killed ” Beauty said

“No, they will still kill him” Lara replied in a rush.

“No, they won’t…I am giving them a million Naira. I believe your son will be

a great man. Who knows maybe my coming here was to save him”

“Here is the phone…” Baba Shagba said on entering the phone.

“Lara, please take the phone and look for Quantum Bank App…Click on it

and I will put my f!ngerprint for the access…”

Lara wanted to tell her not to do it, but the way Chigozie and Baba Shagba

stared at her told her not to try anything odd.

Lara still needed to help Beauty…

“My eyes are blurry…” Lara said Lara faked passing out….

“Lara! ” Chigozie shouted

Beauty knew something had gone wrong…

“What is wrong! Lara! Lara…Aunt Chigozie, what is wrong with her? Why is

she not saying anything?”

Baba Shagba rushed to her side chanting…. He pushed Beauty away from

Lara, Chigozie held Beauty so she wouldn’t fall…

“She has passed out, you should not have told her to help you. She just gave birth and needs enough rest. You should have given it to me to help you, but I guess you don’t trust me”

” I didn’t want to bother you!” Beauty replied

“Let me help you with it…”


“What do you mean I only have N5,324 only in my account…” Beauty said raising her voice That’s what is here…” Chigozie said with Irritation in her voice

“No, I should have nothing less than….Wait! Hold on please check the last

transactions..” Beauty said

Chigozie checked it, large sum of money had been moved from Beauty’s account to a Winter Grayson.

” You recently transferred all your money to a Winter Grayson”

Beauty felt her eyes turning despite being blind…Her knees buckled…Beauty remembered few times Winter had helped her to make some transfers, like when she transferred the N1.2 million to Baba Shagba.

“She has duped me…” Beauty fell on the floor crying uncontrollably…

“She’s taken everything I have…Why? God, why does everyone leave me? and

when they do, they leave me shattered….”

Lara could hear Beauty’s cry from a distance, but she knew she couldn’t snap out of her fake coma… Baba Shagba left her in a hurry towards Beauty and Chigozie.

“What is it?”

“It seems your Madam Winter has swallowed all her money…and that gives me the feeling that she came to dump her here for you.”

Baba Shagba paused on the spot..

What do you mean?”


“Lord, intervene in this matter…Lord, We need your timely intervention in our family” That was the Prayer point Remi told Venita they had to pray…

“Venita, all that is happening is beyond us, I don’t even understand what to pray or how to pray about what is happening …” Remi said to Venita. Remi didn’t see Pamilerin as her boss, she saw her as the angel who brought her

from the village where she had no hope, to a life where she had a future.

Soon she would be going into the university…Something no one in her

family had achieved.

This was the time to repay her kindness and the only she knew how to, was

to pray for her… She encouraged herself.

“Father, in the name of Jesus we pray for your timely intervention. We don’t have time on our hands. Mrs. Winter could destroy a lot of things in few hours from now.” Venita also prayed.

Part 36
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Go there Again!” Timothy heard as he was preparing to go to work that morning.

“Go where?”


Timothy immediately perceived where God asked him to go was where he went the day before.

“Continue the work you started”

“Ok sir!” Timothy said excitedly.

He knew Soul winning was the heartb€at of God. He knew something big was coming for him after this…

“At your service, My Lord” Timothy said grinning.

His phone rang.

It was his fiancée calling… Justina.

“Hey, Son of the Most High…What sup…Good Morning”

“Daughter of the Most High, how are you?”

“Great, I had a beautiful dream about you…”

“Oh Really? I hope it has to do with our wedding date. Tell me, Daddy has

told you the date…”

“Noooo!” Justina said laughing her heart out…

“On the contrary, it was a Spiritual dream”

“Hmmm…that sounds deep.” Timothy said.

“It is really deep… as in very deep… I saw you going to the river, and you fished out a big fish…Very big Fish.”

“Hmm, a big fish…” Timothy echoed.

Timothy knew what the revelation meant. He knew he was a Fisher of men. It meant he had won a big soul for the Lord. Timothy suspected it had to do with where God was telling him to go to again..

“Let me fill you in on what happened to me yesterday” Timothy said to

Justina as he wanted to share with her what her dream meant…


Pamilerin found herself in a strange place. The place looked unlike earth.

The beings there were almost shaped like humans, but one could tell they

were not humans..

Pamilerin felt like she was floating…

The beings noticed her presence and started looking at her strangely.

“What am I doing here? Where is this place?” Pamilerin said within.

Suddenly a giant like creature was walking towards her…


“ Kulen bo.” The man said.

Pamilerin wasn’t familiar with their language but she could tell what they

were saying. It felt like there was an automatic translating device in her

head. “Kulen bo” meant “Sieze her”…

Pamilerin was bundled by three strange looking creatures. They took her by

the hand and what felt like a wind transportation, Pamilerin found herself

and the strange men in a tree like prison.

Pamilerin looked around, there were lots of trees around and people were

trapped in the trees.

“ Mikobin ne fe ge kulawa, makubiyin kulawa” one of the beings said.

Pamilerin understood their words to mean..

“ You people want to be high, stay high there…”

Pamilerin did not understand what they meant by wanting to be high…

The creatures left, but there were still creatures acting as security men


“Where is this place, my God!” Pamilerin said trying to break free from the

tree prison but the branches had been woven so tightly together. “You speak

English?” A man said from another tree prison.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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