Part 31
Opeyemi Akintunde

Freeman and Ajoke got to the house at fifteen minutes to 12 midnight. The security told them they had met Pamilerin’s absence.

” It seems they went for a night party. My madam said they won’t be coming back this night.” The security guard said

Freeman’s hope crashed.

Ajoke was not having it…

” No problem, I will stay here till they return…”

Freeman went into his car and broke down in tears.

” Pamilerin what happened? Is it possible to change in less than a month? God, what happened to my wife?”


Winter and Pamilerin arrived at the beach house. It was hell in terms of profanity. Pamilerin was blown away by the life there. It felt like she had been in a cage all her life. The aura of s€x, alcoholism, drugs was so inviting Pamilerin wanted to have a taste of everything happening there…

They had changed into their bikinis… Winter had teased Pamilerin about her belly fat, promising her she was going to pay for a Tommy tuck surgery for her once they relocated.

Winter however, was watching the events happening at her home. She was viewing her house on her phone. The CCTV that had been installed in the house was capturing Ajoke and Freeman’s activities which she could access via her phone.

Winter suspected the woman with Freeman to be Dearest Mom.

“But despite what she heard and read, she still came looking for her? Stupid husband came with her as well.” Winter said smiling mischievously

Winter was beginning to enjoy the game. She was no longer doing this for the money alone. She was beginning to see it as fun.

” Hey Mrs Winter! Come on” Pamilerin called out to her.

Winter kept her phone in her purse.

” Can we stop the Mrs Winter, call me babe or Winter. At least for the few days we will be staying here” Winter whispered into Pamilerin’s ear.

Pamilerin smiled on hearing the first part of the statement but her smile disappeared when she heard the part about staying at the beach house for more days…

” Staying here for more days? I thought we were leaving in the morning?”

” Well, my thoughts initially but seeing the way you are having the fun of your life, I have decided to spoil you silly.” Winter said laughing and dancing to the hip hop music playing in the background…

The logical thinking Pamilerin kicked in…

” No, it doesn’t make sense to spend 500 thousand Naira a day for how many days more, when you just bought a house worth millions…No, I don’t like wasteful spending” Pamilerin said with a straight face

” Wow…my baby has got some fire…I like this fierce you, I am guessing you will be the husband in this relationship…!” Winter said trying to water down the situation…

Pamilerin raised her left eyebrow meaning she was still waiting for Winter’s response.

” You look beautiful, when you are angry…I know that is cliche, but I am really serious…” Winter said while buying enough time to think of her next move…

” Mrs ….I mean Winter…you are swerving away from the conversation…Are we leaving here in the morning?” Pamilerin asked with a stern look.

” Yes sir!” Winter replied

” I am not a Sir!” Pamilerin said smiling

” You are….” Winter said and without any warning, she pushed Pamilerin into the pool, where some men were.

” Have fun with your kind” Winter said running off.

The men in the pool joined in the game and pulled Pamilerin. They approached her like lions who just found their prey.

” Winter ….Winter…hey don’t leave me” Pamilerin screamed as she had started feeling the men touching different sensitive parts of her body…

Winter did not pay heed to her call. She wanted some “alone time” to think….


Beauty had an inner peace she couldn’t explain. She wondered what the cause of her sudden happiness was. She suspected it had something to do with the message from the preacher. Even Lara her pr€gnant roommate felt it…

” You seem relaxed today!” Lara said suddenly

” You are not asleep” Beauty replied. “This should be midnight already “

” Yes, I am unable to sleep. I have been having this funny feeling all day, like I want to do the major, like poo…but each time I go to the rest room, nothing comes out.”

” Really, maybe you are constipated, you should see the doctor tomorrow. “

” Doctor? Which doctor?” Lara laughed

” You could tell your antenatal doctor ” Beauty replied

” Since you got here, when did you ever see me step out of this house?” Lara asked

” Well, as it is, I really can’t see” Beauty said on a lighter mood

” I am sorry” Lara said. It wasn’t her intention to insult Beauty

” Nah….don’t sweat over nothing…I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way…but seriously speaking…you have not been attending antenatal?” Beauty said as she rose to a sitting position at the sudden realization that Lara had not been out of that compound in months.

” So who is going to take your delivery?” Beauty asked

” You!” Lara replied

For the first time in weeks, Beauty laughed out loud…

” You are joking right?”

” Yes..I am kidding…” Lara laughed as well. ” You should have seen your expression… Don’t be afraid, it’s either Baba Shagba himself or Chigozie.”

“My Goodness … Is that how it is been done around?”

” Yep…I was told most of the kids that run around in the compound were delivered here.” Lara replied.

“I hope they will do a good job.” Beauty said

” That’s not my concern, my concern is the fear that they may pound my child. ” Lara said softly

” Pound your child? What’s that?”

” When any of the wives gives birth, the baby will face the gods and the gods will decide whether the child will pounded for rituals or the mother will keep the child.” Lara said

Beauty couldn’t believe what her ears had just heard…

” What!”

Part 32
Opeyemi Akintunde

Beauty could not return to sleep. She had embraced Lara to sleep.

” Pound a baby for charm?” Beauty couldn’t get the words out of her mind.

At that point, she questioned if she truly knew the identity of Winter. Winter was a friend she met after Secondary School. Beauty had run away from her grandmother’s home. She met Winter through a friend on the street. Winter who was older than she was housed her and before long they became like sisters. However, Winter decided to seek greener pastures by travelling to Italy for prostitution. For those years, they lost contact.

Beauty found a way of contacting her parents, she told them she wasnt interested in joining them overseas, she only wanted them to get her an accommodation and put her through University. They consented .

After Beauty graduated from the University, Winter resurfaced only to tell her she had been married to a Jamaican and the man died leaving her a lot of money. Winter had stayed some months with her before relocating to Canada, where she married another man.

Beauty thought she knew all about Winter’s scheming ways but she was realizing she never knew Winter at all. She didn’t know Winter was involved with men like Baba Shagba who pounded Babies for charm.

” God, please deliver myself and Lara from this Captivity. Please don’t let Lara give birth for slaughter” Beauty prayed….


Pamilerin felt raped, the men in the pool had done a lot of irritating things to her in the pool. She had been looking for Winter for close to fifteen minutes. Sudden fear gripped her heart.

” What If she has left me here?” Pamilerin thought fearfully

Pamilerin passed by a group of men and women taking hard drugs…

” Pamilerin, what are you doing here?” She said out loud to herself

” Pamilerin…you are falling…” She said to herself again.

Pamilerin began to feel the burning sensation on her leg again. She thought the leg pain had gone after she had applied the balm Winter got for her alongside the love portion she put in Freeman’s food.

“I believe the charm and balm was a scam. Too many online scammers” Pamilerin thought as she started limping.

” Winter! Winter!” Pamilerin started shouting…

” Hey keep it down…look around quietly for your chic…” A man made fun of Pamilerin…


Winter heard Pamilerin’s voice from a distance…

She quickly emptied the substance she had bought into Pamilerin’s wine… Winter wanted something that would knock her out for days…

She had bought two wraps of a new substance in town called ” Leary”. The dealer at the beach house assured her one wrap would Knock a lady out for over 12 hours. She told Winter, it was what boys who wanted to gang rape girls and didn’t want the girl to remember the incident used on their victims.

Winter had asked for two wraps…

” Hey you! So how was the time with the boys? Fierce right?”

” Dirty you mean…Winter, I need to get out of here. I guess I am beginning to over do this thing. I am a Christian and these are some of the things I have preached against. The thing we did, I am still trying to forgive myself for it, now…this! I can’t deal anymore…” Pamilerin said

” Ok..fine…I am sorry…Since we have paid for the night, Let’s go sleep in for the night” Winter said…


Freeman kept hoping Pamilerin would return, but the time kept ticking away.

Ajoke couldn’t make out sense from what was happening, but she was sure of one thing; she was not leaving until she saw her daughter.


Maurine laid on the bed with her husband. She couldn’t sleep as well. The content of the text kept playing back in her head.

” Can Pamilerin be this ungrateful and insultive?” She asked herself repeatedly.


Winter had given Pamilerin the sedated wine, which Pamilerin took down her throat in one gulp.

They were laying on the bed, holding hands and looking at the ceiling.

” I feel like my body is elevated from the bed…” Pamilerin said. The hard drug was beginning to get into her blood.

” I can see horses…” She said with so much excitement. ” I want to run fast like the horses”

Winter had been warned by the drug dealer, that the first effect of the drug was that it would make the victim extremely excited, but after Five minutes of letting out that energy, they would collapse and fall asleep.

That was exactly the case, Pamilerin ran round the beach house, k!ssing every young man , she started dancing like a stripper for some men. Winter made sure she captured the moment on video.

After about 7 minutes, she fell asleep.

Winter asked some men to help her lift Pamilerin to the room.

On setting Pamilerin on the bed, she decided to execute the other part of the plan for the night…

” You can do whatever you want to do with her…she asked me to get men to sleep with her, when she passes out…” Winter said

The guys exchanged looks..

They saw no big deal in it as it was a free ride…

The two men defiled Pamilerin’s body. They show her body no respect…


At that same moment, Freeman felt his body vibrating, sudden fever took over his body. He started sweating profusely. He could tell something was going on with Pamilerin. He started sobbing like he was mourning Pamilerin. A sudden feeling of loss took over him.


Winter had recorded the whole scenario. She forwarded it to Freeman’s Email.

Winter watched from her phone through the Lens of the CCTV for Freeman’s reaction. It was Epic! Winter laughed so hard, she cried…

” I am not happy! Why should anyone be” Winter said sobbing….


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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