Part 27
Opeyemi Akintunde

Beauty laid on the floor not knowing what she ought to do. The preacher had said God could free her from this Captivity but how was He going to do it..?

“How?” Was the question repeating itself in her mind…

She remembered the man saying she could talk to God in the captor’s captivity. It meant God could hear her…

” If you can hear me God, please save me from this Captivity…I know I walked into this cage by myself. I shouldn’t have dated another woman’s husband. I knew he was married but I was blinded by the feeling I had for him. God, I am sorry…but he was the first person who made me feel secured… He was my knight in shining armour…I am sorry for wishing or agreeing to kill his wife. Please Forgive me and take me out of this Captivity…” Beauty prayed..


Timothy couldn’t contain his joy. He could tell God was happy with him..He however had forgotten his follow up prayer he had to do after his evangelism. After soulwinning, he would always pray for his converts for them to grow and be est@blished in the Lord. Most times he would pay them courtesy visits once in a while, but this situation was different. He didn’t know who he had evangelise to. There was a witness in his heart that someone got saved that night, but he didn’t know who it was.

” God, I don’t know who You saved tonight, but wherever he or she is, comfort that person. Reveal yourself to him or her in a special way. Let him or her be est@blished in your kingdom in Jesus name.”

Timothy’s phone rang. It was his Evangelism student / Partner from Columbia calling. Mathew was a man he met online, Mathew had stumbled on one of Timothy’s post on Evangelism. The post had interested Mathew. Mathew started chatting Timothy up and from that moment on, they became evangelism partner. Timothy trained Mathew on Evangelism and Mathew started winning souls for the Lord in Columbia.

Mathew called Timothy thrice on a weekly basis to report his progress, but that day was different. Mathew had seen a revelation of Timothy going into a Lion’s den and bringing out a lady.

After the usual pleasantries, Mathew went straight to the revelation narrating what he had seen.

” That is great news, that means God has saved another soul through me or God is going to. It may be a prophecy of what is coming ahead.”

” Yes…I actually think it is a prophecy and I think we can start the work of her deliverance by praying for her ahead, so that when you meet her, it would be easy as God would have worked on her heart.” Mathew said very excited

Timothy gave him a round of applause…

” You are a brilliant student” Timothy said laughing

” I have a brilliant teacher” Mathew replied laughing…

” So as the good student, how do we go about the intercession before soul winning ?”

” Well… I don’t think my brilliant teacher has taught me about interceeding blindly. The type of intercession that preceeds soul winning I was taught had some form of information to work with. Whenever we wanted to evangelise an environment, we would mention the name of the environment in prayer, and if was a person, we would mention the person’s name to God.

However, this situation is different, we don’t know who we are to be praying for or where he / she is from.” Mathew said

” Same rule applies.” Timothy replied

” Ok…then Let’s get on the assignment!”


Freeman had driven into the compound, the security man knew his face, but insisted on calling Winter. He dialed Winter’s number but Winter was not picking up.

Freeman dialed Remi’s number instead..

” Hello Sir!”

” Hello Remi, please come over to the gate, the security is not letting me in.”

” Right away sir!” Remi sped off to the gate. God had answered her prayer. She stopped by Pamilerin’s room but she wasn’t there. She knew she would be with Mrs Winter. Remi did not have the luxury of time to stop by Mrs Winter’s room.

Remi got to the gate and told the security that Freeman was Mrs Pamilerin’s husband. The security allowed him in.

” Where is my Wife?”

” She is in Mrs Winter’s room.” Remi said

” Daddy, we need to leave here. Mrs Winter is teaching mummy a lot of bad things..”

” That’s why I am here.”

Freeman walked towards Mrs Winter’s room. He was expecting to see something less confusing but what Freeman saw was terrible. He saw his wife lying down nak€d in the bed with Mrs Winter on top of her nak€d as well…

Freeman felt like he was going to run mad… Was his wife just having s€x with another woman?


Winter couldn’t believe what had happened… Freeman was not meant to see that. Winter knew she had lost Freeman. The game was not going as planned.

Part 28
Opeyemi Akintunde

” Daddy! Daddy!” Freeman heard Venita’s voice from afar. He could tell she was running towards the room they were in. His fatherly instincts kicked in, he got out of the room and shut the door behind him, he couldn’t let his daughter see the abomination her mother was committing…

On getting out, he saw Remi standing them. Remi had a smile on her face but as soon as Remi saw his countenance, her smile disappeared. Remi was not a child, she knew whatever he saw must have been unpleasant. As Freeman left the door approaching Venita, Remi walked towards the door and opened the door carefully. She almost passed out seeing how her boss was rushing to wear her cloth, while Mrs Winter laid on the bed Nak€d…

” Jesus!” Remi said in a whisper. She stepped back from the door panting…


Winter realized the game plan had changed unexpectedly. The ball was no longer in her hand. Freeman had the ball now. Pamilerin would let guilt take her back to Freeman and she would automatically be the enemy.

” No way!” Winter reasoned

” Where are you going?”She asked

” I messed up, nothing like this should have happened…I don’t know what I was thinking” Pamilerim said crying

” Calm down Pamilerin, you didn’t do anything wrong?”

” Mrs Winter, I have done everything wrong, my husband just caught me sleeping with you! My God, what have I done?”

Winter rose up from the bed and approached her ..

” Hey…listen…You only followed your heart… Listen what just happened is good? This will prove if your husband really loves you. Let’s see if he is willing to fight for you, or with this he will run back to his girlfriend. ” Winter said

Pamilerin took a pause…

” Don’t play the guilty one here, if you do, he will trample upon you. Tell him, you decided to pay him back in his coin. For cheating on you, you decided to cheat on him for him to see how it hurts… If he begs you and ask for a second chance, you will know he still loves you and I promise to leave you both, but if he doesn’t do that, I am sorry, I won’t let you go, because Pamilerin I Love you so much I will never leave you to suffer…” Winter said to Pamilerin

Pamilerin saw the logic in it and she embraced the idea.

She took a deep breath and walked out of the room…


Ajoke met the absence of Pamilerin and her family. She asked the security man of their whereabouts… She knew Pamilerin and her family were always around during the weekends. That was why she decided to come unannounced. She had been having a strong negative feeling about Pamilerin. She had been seeing a coffin in her dream repeatedly with Pamilerin’s name on it.

The security had given her a bombshell. He said Pamilerin and the children had moved out of the house for close to two weeks. He said Freeman was the only one living in the house…

” You didn’t ask why?” Ajoke asked

” My Boss has been hardly around as well, he only comes home to sleep and when he comes in, he always has the tired look” he defended himself

” He is coming back tonight Right?”

” Yes!”

” Alright I will wait for him”.


Dearest Mom, Maurine was on her way to Pamilerin’s house. She had just returned from her trip but instead of going home straight from the airport, she asked the driver to take her to Pamilerin’s home.


Timothy had told Mathew about his impromptu evangelism few hours earlier. Mathew was excited about it.

” I have a good feeling about this, what if the person you perceived was saved today was the lady I saw you bringing out of the Lion’s den.” Mathew said

” Right!” Timothy agreed

” So maybe we can be specific with the intercession. Let’s pray that the person that was saved this evening, may the Lord est@blish him/her, but I have a strong feeling she is a she…”

” Prophet Mathew!” Timothy teased…

” Tutored by Prophet Timothy!” Mathew replied laughing

Timothy enjoyed listening to his Columbian accent.

” Alright brother! We will go as the Lord leads us…Let us begin to bless the name of our God for His timely intervention in the life of this convert…”


Freeman sat on the chair in the living room faking his smiles as his daughters were playing with him. He watched as Pamilerin walked down the stairs. He could tell the woman coming down the stairs was not his wife; something had been tampered with.

” Mummy, Daddy said he is taking us with him.” Theresa said cheerfully.

” Girls go and pack up your stuff and Let’s be on our way.”

The girls hurried towards their rooms. Remi followed.

” I am not going with you!” Pamilerin said

Freeman didn’t look towards her direction. She disgusted him..

” I said I am not going back with you!” Pamilerin repeated

” I can’t remember asking you to come with me… I am taking my kids…”

” Oh! So the kids have been what has been keeping you with me? You want to use this opportunity to take my kids and marry her! Never! My kids are staying with me.”

” You said what? You want my kids, my GIRLS to stay here and learn evil from you, you want them to learn the despicable irritating lifestyle that serpent of a woman has initiated you into…Never! I will fight you with the last blood in me. It would do you good to let me take them in peace, or else I will expose you everywhere.

Imagine what your daughters will think of you when they hear that you started doing what you have preached against. Lesbianism…Pamilerin…Was I that bad? That you decided to cheat on me and you thought of doing it with a woman! Gush! What do you think your mother, I mean Mama Maurine will think of you?” Freeman said with so much controlled anger

Pamilerin stood in shame and indecision. She was about kneeling in apology but she heard Winter’s footsteps walking down the stairs. Followed was brief silence before Winter laid her hand on Pamilerin’s shoulder…

” Let him take them, we will get them back, I promise you…I told you he didn’t love you anymore…” Winter said

” You are evil you know that?…Winter or whatever you are, I don’t need your evil money anymore…Pamilerin, it’s a pity you let the devil come in between us, this woman ..this witch …did you know that she….” Freeman was about blurting out that Winter asked him to marry her, but Venita peeped from the room…

” Dad, please can you come up here and help me with my bags “

Freeman took a deep breath and swallowed the rest of his words…

First things First, he needed to get his daughters out of that devil’s hut.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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