Part 25
Opeyemi Akintunde

Timothy got up from the sofa where he had dozed off…

” Arise!” He had heard the familiar voice of his Maker.

He rose up just as he had heard.

He looked around…

He wondered what the Lord wanted him to see around him. He looked under the table…

” God, what is it?”

He went to the window, drew his curtain aside. What he saw, was the regular scenario. Children playing around in the compound. He was used to God’s way of talking to him. He knew God spoke in few words to him, sometimes one word, two words or three… Whenever he heard the words, he would have to be patient and be quiet in his Spirit to understand the message God was trying to convey to him…

He stood by the window, trying to see if anything out of the ordinary was going to happen, but for the next fifteen minutes he saw nothing .

As he turned to return to his sofa, he heard a second word…” Evangelism”.

” Oh! God wants me to Evangelize!” Timothy smiled out of the satisfaction of knowing What God wanted him to do.

” I will get on the street first thing tomorrow before going to church”

“NOW !” He heard the third word…

” Arise! Evangelism! Now” Timothy put the words together.

” Ok Lord! I am on my way now!” Timothy said believing there was someone he needed to preach to.

After five minutes of freshing up, he got out of the house. He thought of going his usual route, but instead he heard…

” LEFT!”

Timothy knew he definitely had an assignment that evening.

Timothy had walked about 15 minutes to the left. Everytime he opened his mouth to talk, he had the feeling of someone telling him ” Not yet”.

” SPEAK!” He heard the fourth word suddenly.

Timothy opened his mouth, his usual start up line was…

” We all go through problems, but problems have someone they bow to”

He opened his mouth to say those words but something else came out…

” Are you in Captivity? He led the Captivity Captive. God can put your Captivity to become a captive to you…God has the power to put in Captivity your captor’s right and power to hold you in captivity . I don’t know what has held you in Captivity; is it immorality, Gambling, Sin, armed robbery or are you under someone’s captivity, God can deliver you…Imagine this, use your inner eyes to envision this even if you are physically blind…Imagine a man holding you down in prison and suddenly an army arrives and they take this man captive, what do you think will happen to you..?”


Beauty’s Blindness had made her ears more alert, most times she had to block her ears with the pillow to reduce what she was hearing. Especially at night, She heard words from faraway.

She had heard a male endearing voice speaking about Captivity. It felt like he was talking directly to her. She tuned to only his frequency, she shut out all the extra noise.

“.Imagine this, use your inner eyes to envision this even if you are physically blind…”

Beauty froze.

” Does he know me?”

“Imagine a man holding you down in prison and suddenly an army troop arrives and they take this man captive, what do you think will happen to you..?”

” The army will save the captive and automatically the captive will be under the protection and care of the army.” Beauty replied in her room, but she knew her voice didn’t pass her room. It therefore was surprising when the preacher answered…

” Exactly, the troop will save the captive and afterwards care for the captive”

Beauty rose up from the bed, she needed to follow the voice. This was the man that could save her from this Captivity she had found herself. She found the wall and started following the wall to the door…

” Wait! Wait…before you start thinking I am the solution to your problem or I have an army to bring you out of your captivity. You don’t have to come to me”

Beauty stopped in her tracks. She felt like the man preaching must be watching her…

” Well, the truth is God is the greatest deliverer who can bring you out of that pit. It does not matter who put you in that pit. Even if the person is your best friend in the world, it’s not new, the brothers of Joseph were the ones who put Joseph in the pit, but Guess what God knows how to bring people out of the pit and make them end up in the Palace.

Joseph didn’t have anyone with him in the pit or in the prison, he only had God, so in that room where you are right now, He is there with you… Go down on your knees and talk to Him. Tell him to please get you out of your Captivity.”

Beauty stayed on the same spot with tears pouring out of her eyes. The man was communicating with her. The question was…

” How does he know so much about me?: Beauty said crying…


Timothy wondered what he just said. He felt he was blabbing. None of the things he said was planned and he couldn’t say those words if someone asked him for a recap.

He knew definitely God had spoken to someone that evening. He turned and returned home…

” I am Happy with you!” Timothy heard the words that always made his heart merry. Whenever God told him that, he always felt special.

” I am Happy you are happy with me, thanks dear Lord for the privilege ” Timothy said

Part 26
Opeyemi Akintunde

Freeman was not planning on seeing Pamilerin and the girls that weekend. He was having the feeling of disconnect from Pamilerin. However, the love he had for his daughters was about compelling him to go over to Mrs Winter’s house. The last two weeks had been awesome for him. It was possible he was going to walk out of the deal with Mrs Winter. Chief Gabriel’s investment in his company had more prospects and was legit. He didn’t have to enter any contractual marriage with anyone.

” Ok, I will be there!” He had given his word to Mrs Winter some minutes back. She had told him his daughters wanted to see him.

Freeman picked up his car keys. He had a two hours drive ahead of him. He had better get some music to be keep him company.

He went into their Audio CD rack and picked out some CDS by his best female musician..

She was an Orator, she spoke words while she had backup singers who made music out of her words. Whenever, you listened to her music, you would have the feeling she was seated next to you counselling you.

Freeman felt the urge to listen to her on the drive to his family.

Freeman got into his car, inserted one of the audio CDs into the car’s CD Player.

He wasn’t sure he had listened to that Album before. It was titled ” Oro Ijinle”( DEEP WORDS).

As freeman cruised, he enjoyed each track giving his best female musician an applause after each track.

However, track eight struck him to the core…

The title of the Track was “EJO” ( THE SERPENT)

” You left your post

You were not there

You thought she ought to be at home

You thought it was better you went to hustle

While she stayed at home

To wash the dishes and mopped the ground

But little did you know that

The serpent was wiser than you…

No wonder the Holy Book said

You should be as Wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove

The serpent knew the woman was what held the house down

So he knew the best way to pull the house down was to pull down the woman.

The Serpent paid her a visit

When you were out hustling

Or seeing other creatures

Other creatures that amused you,

Who were not your perfect match

The serpent met her lonely

The serpent knew what she wanted



The serpent gave it to her…

In exchange she gave the serpent your demotion…

Every man’s wife is the key to his demotion or promotion…

Don’t let the serpent come in between you!”

Freeman stepped on the brake at that point in the middle of the road. The Orator had continued, but the few lines he had listened to had pierced his heart.

He almost caused an accident, but he wasn’t in the know of what was going on around him for those few seconds. A veil had been torn from his face…

As the Orator said those last words, the picture that came to his mind was Mrs Winter.

Mrs Winter was the serpent who was about to tear his marriage apart. He remembered all her s€xual advances towards him and how he had turned them down politely.

Freeman realized she had tried destroying their marriage through him, but couldn’t gain entrance. Just like the serpent knew he couldn’t access mankind through Adam, he went through Eve instead; Mrs Winter was about destroying his home through his wife Pamilerin.

” No… Not on my watch!” Freeman said as he sped off…

” God bless you this woman for being the one the Lord used to open my eyes… God bless you! Thank you for releasing this album” Freeman said referring to his favourite female musician.


Winter was helping Pamilerin apply some face cream on her face.

Winter had told her, she was losing her beauty and needed to regain it. Pamilerin was however feeling some s€xual sensations as Winter applied the cream on her face.

Unknown to Pamilerin, Winter was deliberate about what she was doing… She wanted the woman’s soul. She wanted to capture Pamilerin’s soul so that when she commanded Pamilerin to kill herself, she wouldn’t think twice about it…Winter knew how powerful a hold s€x was and since she could get the husband to have s€x with her, she was going to have it with the wife.

Pamilerin quickly stepped back. All the sermons she had heard about Lesbianism flashed across her mind haunting her. Her conscience was nagging at her as well.

” This is not right!” Pamilerin said as she moved away from Winter

” What?” Winter asked

” You know what I am talking about!”

” Say it Pamilerin…”

Pamilerin looked at her and saw genuineness in Winter’s eyes…

” Mrs Winter, am I the only one feeling what I am feeling ?”

” Pamilerin…what are you feeling?”

” Never mind… I guess I am just missing my husband too much..” Pamilerin said as she picked up her phone with the intention of walking out of Winter’s room, but Winter quickly stopped her…

” Pamilerin, you want to be with me the way you used to be with your husband?” Winter said with fake tears dropping from her eyes.

That broke Pamilerin finally. She nodded in the affirmatively…

” I also want to be with you Pamilerin, I have always had this feeling for women but I never got to experience it. Please can I experience it with you? We can relocate to a country that allows same s€x marriage. We will take your kids with us. We will get married and everything I have will belong to you … I have a secret to share with you… I have had two marriages, not one… I never enjoyed any of it. I know I will enjoy the one with you…” Winter said convincingly

Pamilerin didn’t know what to do, Should she forget everything she had ever believed, and believe this woman she just met?


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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