Part 11
Opeyemi Akintunde

Pamilerin found her self in a very big pit that looked like the ground where a lot of sand had been dug out of from. She looked up and saw how far away from the ground she was. She was more than 6 feet under the ground. Suddenly, she saw a big cow charging towards her with big horns.

Pamilerin looked around for an escape route but she found none.

From a distance she saw two figures that looked like men working on the sound that formed the wall of the large pit. Pamilerin ran fast towards them shouting for help. The cow was still in hot pursuit.

Pamilerin was able to get to the men in time. On getting to them, she saw what they were up to. They were carving stairs out of the sand that formed the wall of the pit. Pamilerin started shouting…

“ Thank God…, Thank you sirs for creating an escape route out of here.”

The two men emphasized to her, they were making the stairs for her so she could get out of the pit…

Pamilerin jumped on the first level of the stairs, continued to the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth, but on getting to the sixth she found no more stairs…

“ Where are the rest?” Pamilerin asked them.

Looking at the distance left, she calculated that she needed another six stairs to get back on land…

“ You only commissioned us to make six stairs out of the pit.” One of the men answered.

At that point the cow had come really close and was using his horn to strike her legs. The cow was launching against Pamilerin so hard he was causing bruises on her leg…

” Please help me…” Pamilerin cried out to the two men standing by her

” We are sorry, we can only work with what we have been provided, and you only provided us with what can create six stairs” One of the man said soberly. They had the look of pity and concern on their faces.

Pamilerin knew if the two men didn’t create the remaining six stairs, in no time the cow will pull her down with her horn and st@b her to death with that horn.


Pamilerin woke up sharply from the dream. She knew she had a dream about the number 6 but it seem like someone had cleared her memory.

Pamilerin went back to sleep.


Baba Shagba gave the look of surprise at the result of his work. The arrow of death he fired at the woman went to her leg instead…

” The gods forbid it… I refuse to work and not see the results I desire. I have not slept in the last three days… The gods that back me up don’t desert me… I don’t fail…Don’t let Failure be heard of me…Today ought to be the end of the woman. What is happening?” Baba Shagba said. The gods were silent as usual, but he expected to see what happened on his charmed mirror. However, It was blank.

” Who is she? Is she from the marine kingdom or from the tree or is she a witch, or is it the herbalist backing her mother who is stopping my work… Never… 1.2 million Naira is not small money. I can’t refund it, so this woman you must die ooo…” Baba Shagba said with so much intensity as to the seriousness of the issue.


Beauty didn’t sleep that night, though sleep had been far from her ever since she had her eye problem, but that night was different, it was already three days since the herbalist said Pamilerin would die. She couldn’t wait for Winter to wake up and call the herbalist for the good news of her death.

” God, please let her die…she is a wicked human being. Judge it, I was satisfied being the woman outside. I never even tried to hurt her, but she heard about me and in a flash she made me blind…Is that fair? At least in the Bible days, people had more than one wife, David had several wives and you still loved him” Beauty said thinking about the few things she remembered about the Bible

” But what was the end of David?” A voice questioned her in response

Beauty didn’t give a response, she knew the end of David wasn’t as beautiful as it should have been because of his polygamy.

Beauty laid back on her side on the bed where Winter laid as well.

” If I am not grateful for anything, I am grateful to have Winter.” Beauty said looking for Winter’s hand. She found her hand and held on it.

” Thank you Winter..” She whispered not wanting to wake her up.

If only she knew that Winter wasn’t asleep. Winter had been carrying out a research on Freeman for the past three nights. She had been stalking him on his social media pages, checking the locations he checked in…She had to meet him, somehow….


Pamilerin woke up to get the children ready for school. With sleepy eyes, she walked towards the bathroom, and the moment she walked in, she slipped and twisted her ankle…

” My leg!” Pamilerin screamed…

Part 12
Opeyemi Akintunde

” Babe!” Freeman jumped from the bed. He heard Pamilerin’s scream from his deep sleep.

He rushed into the bathroom on seeing her on the floor.

” My leg! Freeman …my leg hurts..my ankle” Pamilerin said loudly.

The door to the room opened and the kids rushed in. Remi stood by the door peeping to see what happened to her boss. She was not permitted to enter their matrimonial room unless she was asked to.

” Mummy..sorry…” Juanita said

” Daddy, Let’s lift her .” Venita said

Freeman followed his daughter’s advice and lifted Pamilerin from the ground.

He successfully laid her on the bed.

” Remi, get me one of those balms” Freeman called out to Remi

” Ok sir..” Remi ran towards the living room. The balm was in one of the cupboards.

” Baby…sorry…Who left the tap running?” Freeman said looking at the pool of water on the floor of the bathroom.

” I don’t know…” Pamilerin replied while writhing in pain.

Remi returned with the balm.

” Come in…” Freeman said at the sound of her knock.

Freeman spent the next ten minutes massaging Pamilerin’s ankle. Pamilerin wailed like a bereaved woman , because the pain was unbearable.

The girls couldn’t go to school that morning as everything had been disrupted.However, Freeman had a 10am appointment he could not reschedule.

His secretary had told him there was a new investor looking into investing into their business. He was suppose to meet him at a lounge.

” I will be back before you know it. If the pain becomes unbearable we must go to the hospital.” Freeman said to Pamilerin before the house.


Pamilerin needed to go to the restroom but it was impossible. She laid her right foot on the floor and what followed was a strong internal gruesome pain that went straight to her brain. The pain felt like she was going to shut down if she made an attempt to go further. She sat back into her bed… At that point she had a flash of something hitting her leg in the dream, but the flash of the dream was not long enough for her to make sense out of it.

” It’s just a sprain, nothing is wrong with my leg, it’s not an attack. Pamilerin, don’t spiritualize this fall, it was just an accident, not something from the devil. Don’t give the devil too much credit.” She charged herself up.


” Where are you going?” Beauty said to Winter. She had been hearing the movement in the room ever since Winter stood up from the bed. She couldn’t make out what Winter was doing. Winter also made matters worse by not responding to Beauty’s series of questions …

” Is she dead?”

” Have you heard from the herbalist?”

” If she is not dead, have they found why?”

Winter kept mute, there was a reason for it. She wasn’t suppose to speak to anyone except her target.

” I know it sounds like I am nagging, but can you at least say something!” Beauty said

” Fine… I get it, you are leaving me. No problem…”

Winter walked out of the house. She would remedy the situation later.


Freeman walked into the Posh restaurant the investor had asked to meet him. It was one of the most expensive restaurants in town.


Winter sat in the VVIP LOUNGE sipping her white wine. She had not spoken a word to anyone that day. She even wrote her drink preference to the waitress.

Freeman walked around looking for any man who was sitting alone.

Winter and Freeman’s eyes met as he looked around for his investor. Winter jumped to her feet after few minutes…

” Hey, Hello….” Winter said walking towards him. It was time to play the game she was so good at.

” Hi… ” Freeman answered cautiously with a raised eyebrow. He wondered if this was the investor he was meeting.

“Well, if she is my investor,, she definitely must have a lot of money, judging by her expensively looking outfit.” Freeman thought..

” Are you the one I am meeting?” Freeman asked

” Not sure ..but you have this striking look I can’t place. Have we met before?” Winter said. Winter knew the ” Have we met before” line was cliche but it always worked for her.

” Erm…not sure” Freeman replied disappointed the cash bag before him was not the investor..

Freeman tilted his head to the side to look around one more time. The investor had contacted him through email, so he had no phone number to call.

” Oh my God, the tilting of your head, just brought this deja vu feeling…like I have seen you do this before” Winter said laughing

” Oh really?” Freeman said smiling

Winter stood looking at him with her mouth wide open…Freeman was a bit embarrassed at the way she was looking at him…

” What Ma’am?”

” If I say this, I hope you won’t say i am crazy?”

” You don’t look crazy , so the thought won’t cross my mind no matter what you say to me!” Freeman said laughing

” I see you in my dreams!” Winter said with the most serious look Freeman had ever seen on a woman…

Freeman was lost for words…

” What?” Freeman asked

” I see you in my dreams!” Winter repeated….


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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