I just can’t obey any man, I want to be a single mum – Nigerian lady says (Video)

A Nigerian lady, @thearabicgirl_skincare0, has said she wants to be a single mother but doesn’t know how to tell her mother.

According to her, she cannot take instructions from any man and as such wouldn’t be considering marriage.

She added that being on her own and enjoying her money is ideal for her.

Nigerian lady says she wishes to be a single mum

“How do I explain to my mum at my age I want to be a single mother. I just can’t obey any man. I gat the money,” words layered on her TikTok video read.

Many ladies agreed with her standpoint, while some did not.

People react to her ‘single mum’ wish

Sandypec said: “Me I want them both good man and money‍♀️but as a woman try get your own money too e get why…”

vivianezike732 said: “Give her all the money a guy suppose give she no go remember say marriage dey exist.”

Latioflagos said: “How do I explain to my mom that I don’t want to get married and I don’t want kids.”

Onye said: “I thought I was d only one wanting to be a single mother I’m 19 but can imagine being a salve for a man all in d name of marriage.”

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Chinonye Nwalie Ndia said: “Please don’t let any one pressure you into marriage jare. I am happily married, and I enjoy obeying my husband but I know marriage is not for everyone.”

Daisy said: “Haa me too, my sister. D tot of marriage spikes my BP. I wish time would stand still so I don’t cross over 2 d oda syd of 20s wen dey start d pressure.”

salama bala said: “May God give you a friend and a partner that will make marriage fun and sweet for u.”

Isioma said: “I’m on this table, like I just want to have money and not think of a man in my life,but if you tell your mama this one she go shout.”

Watch her video below:


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