I have collected N840,000 rent from the mini-estate – Deborah Samuel’s father says.

Garba Emmanuel, the father of slain Deborah Samuel, has said he has collected one year’s rent from the mini-estate that the OPM pastor gave to his family.

Garba made the statement at a Port Harcourt press conference which was attended by a reporter from Legit.ng.

Garba’s daughter, Deborah was murdered in Sokoto state, after which he and his family were relocated to Port Harcourt by Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of OPM.

N840,000 collected as rent The press conference was called after a viral interview in which the family said they were not living well.

At the press conference, the OPM pastor denied abandoning the family and asked Garba to confirm if he was receiving rent from the estate or not.

The pastor had asked: “I gave them an estate which they have confirmed.

I want them to confirm how much they have collected as rent for this one year from that place? How much have they collected themselves?”

Responding to the question in the presence of journalists, Garba confirmed that N840,000 had been given to him as rent from the estate.

There was a delay before the money was released In an earlier interview with FIJ, Garaba had said the agent in charge of the estate delayed a lot before the money was given to them.

Specifically, he said it took the intervention of the OPM pastor before the money was released to the family. He had told FIJ:

“The mini-estate is a compound of about 14 self-contained apartments. OPM gave me a lawyer who helped with the documents and interfaced with the tenants.

The lawyer told me that each tenant paid rent, but their rent came at different rates for the same apartments.

This lawyer did not send the rent money to me until I went to meet OPM’s pastor in person.

“The day I met with the pastor to inform him that I hadn’t received the rent money he called the lawyer and she responded immediately.

She sent me N800,000 for the first year and told me that she had used the balance to fix some things in the apartments.

She had been telling me that she wasn’t around or she was unavailable until I went to see the OPM pastor that day.”

#Source: Legit.ng