I have been acting for decades yet I jump on buses every day Veteran actress, Iya Gbonkan cries out for help…

Nollywood actress, Margaret Bandele Olayinka popularly known as Iya Gbonkan has cried out for help to her fans.

The veteran actress noted how she has been acting for decades yet doesn’t have a car.

She claimed that she has been jumping on buses every day to get to her destination.

Iya Gbonkan called on her fans to celebrate her now that she is still alive and not wait to kill a cow when she is dead.

“I have been acting for decades yet I don’t have a car. I jump on buses every day. If I die now, you will kill a cow. Celebrate me now that I am alive. I need a car from my fans”.

Kenneth Aguba cries out as he becomes homeless

Similarly, last year, Veteran actor, Kenneth made headlines after he revealed he was homeless.

The actor who had starred in several Nollywood movies claimed that he didn’t have a home.

The veteran was seen in pictures that went viral sitting in a shabby environment and having his lunch.

A well-meaning Nigerian had shared photos of him, he had announced that the actor had no home and a place to stay.

Taking to the comment section, Nigerians lambasted the Actors Guild of Nigeria and question their purpose of existence.

I was paid N5000 for movie roles” Kenneth Aguba spills on how Nollywood overused him

Speaking out over his homelessness, Kenneth Aguba made a shocking revelation about the chump change he was paid for in movie roles.

The actor revealed the amount he was paid for starring in movies.

Kenneth Aguba claimed that he was paid N5000 and was made to suffer.

“They just suffer me they can’t pay me. They eat my money and didn’t pay me well, they paid me 5000 and said they were paying me”.

The actor, however, received lots of help from Nigerians, and we hope they would do the same for Iya Gbonkan.