“I hate wearing heels” – Tiwa Savage reveals five hidden facts about herself

tiwa savage

In a recent video, Afrobeats legend Tiwa Savage revealed five amazing facts about herself, which sparked a range of reactions.

The singer of “Somebody Son” opened up about her true feelings in a widely circulated video. She started off by talking about how much she hated wearing heels and how much she loved performing barefoot or in her panties.

Regarding cuisine, Tiwa freely admitted that bread is her favorite dish. She also stated unequivocally that she occasionally does not have the creative vision for the content she posts on Instagram or other social media.

The singer revealed one detail of her private life, saying that she is a completely boring person to the general public when she isn’t on stage or doing interviews.

She declared that she had been spending all of her free time binge-watching television shows, with “Downtown Abbey” emerging as her current fave.

In her words, Tiwa said,

“Hello everyone this is Tiwa Savage and these are five things you may not know about me.

“I hate wearing heels, I love performing barefoot.

“My favourite food is bread.

“Sometimes I’m actually not the one that runs my Instagram or my social media pages.

“I am a very very boring person when I am not on stage or doing interviews like this I am literally in my room watching series.

“And my favourite series right now is Downtown Abbey.

“And those are five things you may not know about me.”

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