I got 35m from my dad as wedding gift but I didn’t inform my husband – Lady opens up

A newlywed woman has revealed that she and her husband are at odds over the money she received as a wedding gift from her father.

She claimed that her father gave her 35 million dollars, but she never told her husband about the money until he discovered it on his own.

According to her, they both come from wealthy families, so she didn’t see anything wrong with not telling her husband, who comes from a wealthy family as well.

When he was having problems with his bank app and asked to use hers, he discovered the 35 million.

He accosted her when he saw it and she revealed it was from her father, but he was shocked that she had such an amount but never helped him when it was needed.

The woman said her man was particularly disappointed because there was a time they wanted to buy a house which was above his budget yet the had that amount but never offered to complete the payment.

She sought advise on how to find solution to the problem she found herself in with regards to the secret she kept from her husband.