I give her N30K monthly — Husband who earns N75K rants as wife reports him to family for being stingy

A married woman criticizes her husband who earns N75K salary as being stingy for providing her with just N30K monthly for household expenses.

The woman’s husband, who sent an anonymous message to a Twitter user, @jon_d_doe, expressed his concern over his wife’s dissatisfaction with his financial contributions to their family.

The man stated that he earns a monthly salary of N75,000. From this amount, he allocates N30K and he also covers the school fees for their three children, which amounts to approximately N90,000 per academic term.

Despite his efforts, the wife remains dissatisfied and has taken the matter to her parents, claiming that her husband is stingy and not adequately providing for the family.

“I earn 75k monthly and give my wife 30k from it for food with 3 kids. I also pay their school fees which is about 90k each term.

Also pay transport and pay some domestic bills also. But my wife pick up quarrel with me and telling her parents that I am stingy. And don’t take care of them,” he wrote.

In response, the self-acclaimed marriage adviser said to him, “You should not have 3 children, if you’re earning 75k per month.

Even if you give your wife 90% of your salary, it will not be enough for her.

You set yourself up for failure. And I don’t blame your wife. You have her, & 3 children to feed. End.”