“I feel so lonely”: Nigerian lady in Canada cries bitterly in video, seeks help (VIDEO)


A Nigerian lady in Canada, Sylvia Obianuju Chikwendu, has taken to social media to cry out over being lonely.

Sylvia broke down in tears as she lamented in a video she shared on TikTok which has gone viral.

“I’m so sad, I miss my life and my family. “I feel invincible, I’m hurting all the time I feel like im just existing.., I need help,” she captioned it.

Wiping tears from her eyes, an emotional Sylvia said the part of being lonely in Canada is not really talked about.

According to the young lady, all she does is work and school.

She said she is hurting a lot over her situation and doesn’t have friends. Her video stirred mixed reactions.

Sylvia’s outburst generated buzz Nana_kb5 said: ”See this one too.

“Even in my own motherland I’m always lonely. “Just search for your money and come home madam.” 

Ben said: “This is no joke ooo… “U might not understand, bcos she was able to put it out makes u think she’s doing just content..

”Nah depression be that oo.” 

Covenant said: “People are so insensitive. I totally get it girl.

I’m in the USA and I broke down this morning for the same reason. One thing I do to cope is…”

Dear chime said: “Africans that are comfortable in their home countries don’t realize how lucky they are, some of them envy people in diaspora, if only they knew…” 

zwdi said: “I advise you to take Vitamin D, that depression is caused by some times by weather changes. We can go out if you are in Montreal. Inbox me!” 

abdulazeezomope said: “You need to be intentional about meeting people to avoid loneliness in Canada.” 

Ms Nancy said: “I don’t have friends in Nigeria, I can stay indoors for months.

Introvert like me enjoy such life, apart from working all the time.”

See video below

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