I don use my money buy rubbish – Man frustrated as finds his security dog asleep inside bucket (Video)

In a comical yet frustrating incident, a Nigerian man known as IV Snow has shared his disappointment over his newly acquired security dog’s excessive sleeping habits.

IV Snow had high expectations for his canine companion, hoping it would provide him with the protection he needed at home.

However, the reality has been far from what he envisioned.

IV Snow recounted his experience, stating that before purchasing the security dog, he had specifically inquired about its activity levels, seeking assurance from the seller that it would be vigilant and alert.

“I don use my money buy rubbish” – Man frustrated as finds his security dog asleep inside bucket

The seller had confidently vouched for the dog’s active nature, leading IV Snow to make the purchase with confidence.

However, to his dismay, upon bringing the dog home, it became evident that the dog had a rather peculiar inclination for slumber.

Instead of being a reliable guide and guard, the dog seemed to have an insatiable desire to sleep.

In his words;

“Make God no let person use money buy rubbish. See am. Na dog wey I use my money buy make e dey guide me. See am.

“Small rain go just fall E go just go find one place go hide. E go hide for where them dey keep ragolis. And I don find am tire.

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@annyberryx said; “You use your money go buy ekuke for this cold weather?”

@mummy_steve wrote; “Abeg make una lemme abeg e too early to burst out laugh this morning.”

@boywahice stated; “How many hours you charge am after you buy am? Because nah low battery dey worry this dog.”

@mizprincessowas1 said; “He Don do night work so he wan sleep small before night rish.”

@gratefulhear_ stated; “Lolz na so my own be oo. Na normal bad thing this days. Me go even dey talk to my self, dey verse like mad man lolz later I go come dey laff.”

@davidglory31 added; “My uncle bought dog to guide the compound but the dog they always welcome strangers e no dey even bark at all.” 

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See below;


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