“I didn’t do any surgery or use pink lip balm” : Lady with swollen lips opens up about cause of her condition (VIDEO)


Lady with swollen lips opens up about cause of her condition (VIDEO)

Barakatu Lasisi, a woman from Nigeria, has at last responded to the rumors around her big lips.

She claimed in a video that she had not had lip surgery and that her illness was due to an allergic reaction to something she had eaten two years prior.

Lasisi sought help at different hospitals to no avail

The dejected woman described her experience seeking medical attention for her lip issue.

She described how she traveled to several hospitals, had tests done, got shots, and took several different drugs. Sadly, despite her best efforts, the therapies did not provide the anticipated outcomes.

She chose to cease taking medication because she was worried about the potential harm that could come from using too many antibiotics.

She said; “I did not do lip surgery, I will not do this to myself intentionally. I don’t think there’s any gain in doing lip surgery and I didn’t use pink lip balm.

It’s actually an allergic reaction to something I ate which I’m still trying up till now to work on. It actually happened two years ago.

“I’ve gone to like three different hospitals for tests, injections and druggs but it’s not working out. I’ve taken a lot of druugs even the one that almost killed me.

I’ve taken lots of injections from three different hospitals, I’ve spent a lot of money. I decided to stop taking drugss so I won’t cause harm to my system because the antibiotics were too much.”

Supportive netizens rally behind lady with unusually big lips

As the video spread across social media, netizens expressed sympathy and support for the woman in the comment section.

Many individuals empathised with her struggle and offered words of encouragement, demonstrating the power of online communities to provide comfort and solidarity during challenging times.

@mhizz_deedy_kal said: “I found beauty in your voice, because facial beauty is nonsense, the best among beauty is the beauty of the heart and I already see that beauty in you.”

@necole_coker said: “So sorry I can relate because I am also struggling and fighting poos and hormonal imbalance.

Some days I feel so tired like I don’t want to continue because I have to hide some days or having to explain what is not to a stranger that feels they can just speak poorly about things they don’t know. The stress and seeing little or no results can run someone crazy.

Love and light baby girl .. you ain’t alone sugar.”

@kittybackup21_ commented: “Maybe come to America & see a doctor here. They will figure out what it is that you are allergic to & provide you with medication & advice. If you can’t travel video chat with a doctor out here.”

@vivyenta said: “Hope you know exactly what you ate so it can give you a guide. I usually have an allergy to nuts especially cashew nut. It feels like a sting on my lips then it swells.

The more I itch it increases tho it subsides with time, took me a while to figure it out but I doubt antibiotics is necessary. Try do a research on allergies.”

Cashthebodyy said; “I love you! Stay strong. You will get the money for your surgery to reduce your lips. God bless you. God doesn’t forget NOBODY!”

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