I cried after watching ‘Jagun Jagun’- Muyiwa Ademola reacts to Femi Adebayo’s Netflix movie.

Nigerian actor Muyiwa Ademola took to social media to express his heartfelt emotions after watching fellow actor Femi Adebayo’s latest masterpiece, “Jagun Jagun,”.

In a post that resonated with fans and colleagues alike, Muyiwa Ademola shared his genuine feelings about the movie, revealing that it had moved him to tears.

He did not hold back in showering praise on Femi Adebayo, the lead actor in “Jagun Jagun,” for his outstanding performance and the impactful storytelling that the movie delivered.

He wrote, “After watching JAGUNJAGUN, I cried!

It was tears of joy, fulfillment and absolute certainty! You may not understand, Femi and a few other close friends will certainly do.

Femi (AGESINKÓWÓ like I do call you), thank you for giving us this masterpiece.

Congratulations on yet another leap, many more leaps to come. I will not talk, people should !

YOU should talk!

JAGUNJAGUN a film produced by @femiadebayosalami is now streaming on @naijaonnetflix .