“I courted my wife for one year and six months without sǝx” – Solomon Buchi brags amid trending virginity

Social media commentator, Solomon Buchi has taken to social media to brag about waiting until marriage to have s3xual interc0urse with his wife, Adeola.

This comes amid the trending discourse on the microblogging platform X about v!rginity after a woman expressed her opinion that being a v!rgin as an adult is embarrassing, as it implies that they are not capable of attracting the opposite s3x.

This statement sparked mixed reactions online, with some expressing agreement with her while others disagreed with her, arguing that being a v!rgin in one’s 20s shows that they have a high level of discipline.

Following the controversy, people, particularly Christians, started bragging about their v!rginity status online along with their pictures.

Solomon Buchi, who got married to his wife Adeola in February 2023, also went online to boast about maintaining s3xual purity during their courtship period.

He tweeted,

“I am a Christian. I married at 27. Courted my wife for 1 year and 6 months without s3x. We waited till marriage and I’m glad we did!

V!rginity, abstinence and s3xual purity are virtues that should be lauded.”

This, however, stirred reactions from netizens who questioned if they were v!rgins before marriage.

See below,