“I cook for my wife and wash her clothes when I can” – Nigerian university lecturer

A Nigerian lecturer, Dr. Austine Imoniche Oviosun, has shocked netizens after revealing that he cooks for his wife, Dr. Ezinne Chidimma, and washes her clothes whenever he can.

He shared this while reacting to an inquiry on Facebook on whether he could help his wife buy food ingredients for his return from work.

The query read,

“Dear Bro, Can Your Wife send you to buy Fish, Okro and Vegetables when coming back from Office?”

According to Dr. Austine, he noted that he would gladly cook for his wife not just buy ingredients, as marriage is the union of two understanding people.

“Not only buy.. cook for her and wash her clothes when I can… marriage is a union of two understanding persons. Call me woman wrapper. I nor care. I love my wife, that is the most important thing,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

Reacting to his revealation, Bello wrote; “It’s not a big deal, of course a man should be able to cook for his wife and wash her clothes too sometimes as this shows both persons are in love with each other and with every fiber within.”

Mc commennted; “I don’t see anything wrong in this. “When I can” is the key word there. It’s not a norm he do that always but when he feel like. I can also do that for my wife. Call me a finished man.”