I can’t thank a man for sending me N5K or N10K, he should give it to beggars- Influencers Maliya and Lydia

Influencers, Lydia Balogun and Maliya in a recent podcast made it clear that they can never express gratitude to a man that sends them N5K or N10K.

In a podcast with content creator and influencer, Caramel Plugg, Lydia and Maliya tagged N5K and N10K as very little amount of money that doesn’t require any form of appreciation.

Speaking, Maliya affirmed that she would immediately stop texting the guy as she doesn’t have the energy for unnecessary back and forth.

Caramel who seemed a bit shocked asked if they knew how useful N10K would be to a beggar on the street and in response, Lydia urged such a man to give the money to beggars instead.

Watch the video below: