‘I bought 40k with 70k’ Paul Okoye laments after experiencing Naira scarcity

Award-winning singer, Paul Okoye of the P-Square group better known as Rude Boy, has taken to social media to lament about the Naira scarcity that has been affecting Nigerians over the past few weeks after he experienced it himself.

Taking to his Instagram story, Paul in disbelief disclosed that he bought Naira today because he needed to pay for a visa fee and it needed to pay in cash. He lamented that he bought forty thousand Naira with seventy thousand Naira in order to make payments.

According to the father of three, the country keeps breaking new records with several of its happenings.

He wrote: ” Omoh!!! I buy money today!! Just because I have to pay for a certain visa fee in an embassy, and it has to be paid in cash. Jokes apart I bought 40k with 70k Aahhhh!!!!!!! Naija breaking new record.”

A few weeks back, Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo lamented how difficult it was for him to get the new Naira notes, which he described as Gold.

He also lamented how getting foodstuffs has become difficult because of the lack of Point of Sales (POS) machine and non-refusal from petty traders to accept transfers.

To summarize it all, he went through hell, however, he is really to share it with his fans during this hard time.

He said: “Tell me your location. I know you need this right now and I am ready to share. Nigeria currency is how Gold. Before I saw it, I went through Hell. I wanted to buy little things. I couldn’t plantain, ewedu, pineapple.

No POS/they don’t collect transfers. Of course, we are in support of a cashless society, but at least make it available. So, I am ready to share as long as your location isn’t far”.