“I booked flights 3 times for Young duu with my own money, he missed all and didn’t go for the shows” – Portable

young duu portable

Controversial musician Portable has provided an explanation for why he released Young Duu from his signing agreement.

The “Zeh Nation” executive and Young Duu have a falling out over Young Duu’s refusal to return the car the executive purchased for him.

He discussed Young Duu’s wrongdoings, including his propensity to smoke around, in explaining why he has chosen to end his contract.

He claimed that he had paid for Young Duu’s flights up to three times, but each time he had missed them.

Furthermore, according to Portable, Young Duu was starting to socialize with his adversaries. He claimed that he often sees his signee with people he views as his enemies.

He also remembered how Young Duu had attempted to extort money from him by lying about being detained by the police and their demand for up to 200k.

View his remarks below:


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