I became a fool for my marriage of 39 years to succeed – Nigerian clergywoman says as she gives marital advice (video)

A Nigerian clergywoman, Pastor Julie, has said that her 39 years of marriage has been successful because she decided to play the fool.

Pastor Julie, who offered marital advice to married couples based on her own personal experience of being married for 39 years in a trending video, said she had to play the fool in her marriage for it to work.

She explained that she had to learn to let go of her pride and ego and instead focus on building a strong and healthy relationship with her husband.

She advised that to sustain a marriage, one has to play the fool, even when you know you’re right.

“I have come to realize in these 39 years of being with my husband…I realized I had to play the fool for my marriage to work, playing the fool even when I know I am right.

“Foolishness in a relationship. For you to sustain your marriage, you have to play the fool.

Playing the fool when even you know your right from your left. The man is claiming right, you are claiming right, it will not work,” she said.

Watch the video of her speaking below