I asked for only 1 more: Husband cries as wife delivers twins, hands them over to him (VIDEO)

A young married man got more than he bargained for after asking his wife to deliver one more child.

The man identified with the handle @mr_and_mrs_levy on TikTok shared a video of himself struggling to carry his twin babies.

In the video, he tried his best to console the babies as both were seen crying profusely in his arms.

According to Levi, he pleaded with his wife to give him just one more child, but she delivered twin babies.

He captioned the video: “When me beg wifey for one more child and she give me 2.”

Reactions as father who wanted another child gets twins

The video resonated with many parents who spoke about the challenges of caring for twins. Others taunted the young man as his wife handed the babies over to him to take care of them.

@NeishaB reacted: “My grandma had 3 sets of twins and my mother is one. Mi start fret already.”

@Monique commented: “Shoulda apply the discount code and get 50% off.”

@sabrinamelinda95 said: “She mek sure gi you 2 so you don’t ask fi no more!”

@sassychrissy reacted: “Omg my life in the next two months.”

@Heather||homemaker reacted: “So we just ago blame wifey like that.”

@carolynsatchwel said: “You get what you ask for blessings upon Blessings.”

@ScorpionQueen0383 said: “Swear the audio and video fits perfectly congrats.”

@Luckybabymom reacted: “Double blessings don’t worry.”

@Ezzy reacted: “You are blessed how I wish to have them not one or 2 but 3 in one go then am done.”

@mariam k 615 commented: “Enjoy the vibe you got what you wanted twise.”

@makhwathanatsumbe reacted: “My is a twin and my uncle have 2set ‘this was my aunt daily life.”

@becky said: “It’s gonna be a hard journey, oooh.”

Watch the video below:


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