‘I am ready to give BBC & CNN all my movies for free for more souls to be won’ – Mike Bamiloye

Evang. Mike Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries has announced that his movies are free for use by two popular multinational news channels with the sole purpose of gaining more souls for the kingdom.

This was shared on his official Facebook page some minutes ago, noting that the time is short and there is a need for a massive harvest for the kingdom. He therefore revealed that he will gladly give out all his movies to the British Broadcasting Corporation, popularly known as the BBC, and the Cable News Network, professionally known as CNN, only if they will accept them.

“If CNN or BBC would Collect and broadcast all my Movies, I will give them for Free. All I Need Now are SOULS. Time is Short!” – Mike Bamiloye shared on Facebook

Fans react to Mike Bamiloye’s post

In reaction, many of his followers celebrated his intention, while others said gospel movies may not be accepted because they have no touch of ‘indecency’ that will generate revenue for them. See some comments below.

Blessed Mary Chinyere: The goal is to win more more souls to the kingdom
Joshua Oluwaseyi: They won’t because it doesn’t contain immortality, and they won’t make money. souls is important

Oluwaniyikaye Okunoye: They may not want sir,,,,If it is immoral show and immoral film they may like to do so ,even they may like supporting the source of such immoral show,but for something that has to do with soul winning ,,,Hmmmmmmmmmm….They may not want to show it…

Jeremiah E. Alienyi: God bless you daddy for your unquenchable desire for souls to be won to the Kingdom. Not just on BBC and CNN but I think our movies should be on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max, etc.

With your level of influence, you need not give your movies away for free if they meet their requirements. I think they will come running to us when we prioritize quality over quantity. Many of our stories are better than many of the ones they have on these platforms. Not that I’ve got there as a Christian filmmaker, but that’s my goal.

Olumide Adeleye: Every year, we show your movies to secondary school students at our free Summer School program. At the last edition, possibly more than 50 of them gave their lives to Christ.

They normally wouldn’t listen to a preacher as many of them are not even from Christian homes. They are, however, interested in your movies and find them engaging. Thank you for being a blessing to the body of Christ.

Mathew Akanbi: Hmmmmmn. What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul , . . It’s good to prepare for the heavenly home.