Part 9
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“Sir, please we have been surrounded , just let us comply, you have my word, we will get Sebrena back. They are not here to hurt you nor Sebrena…” 321 said in a rush

“ Hey, Shut up! who made you our spokesman…” One of the gunmen hit 321 with his gun by his side, making 321 fall to his knees.

“ Mr President, it’s an honour meeting you and I am sorry it has to be this way, you are a good man for fighting for our independence, but I guess you need to learn to make some godfathers happy. I am only here to do my job. Don’t let’s make this thing bloody, Just pass me your girl.” Agnos said

“ Please, take me if you want, but not my daughter… Her mother will die if that happens!”

“ No she won’t, tell her your daughter is only going on a holiday. She will be fine Mr President!”

Sebrena held on to her father’s leg….

“ Daddy, don’t let them take me away!” Sebrena cried

Mamud knew it would be stupid of him to fight or try to be smart here. He knew they wouldn’t kill him, but they could kill Sebrena.

He knelt down beside Sebrena…

“ Darling, Look at me, I am President Mamud, but first I am your father. I will never let anything happen to you. You just go with them.” Mamud said and pushed Sebrena towards them…

“ Daddieeeeeeee” Sebrena screamed

The gunmen took Sebrena and disappeared into thin air by the speed of Light…

“ 321, call all the Nirato Forces and get me back my daughter Aliveeeeeeee” The Lion in Mamud roared at the top of it’s voice.

“ Yes sir! On it Sir, I am very sorry!”

“My Phones!” Mamud roared at 321.

321 handed over Mamud’s phones to Him Shakily, he had never seen Mamud that angry before.

“ Why did you turn off my phones?” Mamud asked

“ The gunmen asked me to…” 321 replied

Mamud turned on the phone and saw 10 messages…

The moment 321 heard the continuous beeps, he knew something was up and he knew it was time he jetted off that plain.

“ 321… do I have an enemy working on my team?” Mamud said on reading one of the text messages…

“ Why do you say that sir?” 321 said turning back to face the president. 321 started reaching out for his gun as a way to defend himself.

A loud gunshot rent the air. Mamud wasn’t sure if he had been shot!

Isire knew something wasn’t right! She had been calling Mamud for over an hour after her anger had subsided but unlike him, his phone was switched off . She tried 321’s line, it was switched off as well. She tried calling other aides and the President’s driver. They were all not picking their calls.

“ Please Father, Protect my husband and Daughter!” Isire prayed silently as she remembered the dream she had earlier that day of seeing Mamud in the pool of his blood.

Minatu felt her stomach turning, followed by pain in her womb area.

“ Something is wrong with one of my children!” Minatu knew the signs. “But which of them?” She questioned silently.

Instead of worrying, she started mentioning their names from the 1st till she got to Mamud, her 12th child. She felt the pain more. She instantly knew whatever was wrong had to do with Mamud!

“ I want to pee!” Sebrena kept screaming in the black van.

“Pee on your body!”

“ I am not a dirty girl!” Sebrena retorted. Mamud’s blood was definitely in her veins

“ Then you need to learn how to be a dirty girl for once!” retorted one of the kidnappers.

“ Let the poor girl wee” Agnos said “Stop the van!”

The van driver stopped beside a forest path. Sebrena was brought out of the van and told to wee…

“ I can’t pee where you all are staring at me, I am a girl!”

The men could not help but laugh…

“ Little ant, what do you have under you, that you think will interest us! Get down and wee fast! Nonsense!”

Sebrena bent to do a wee…

Suddenly, the sporadic sound of gunshot rent the air…

The same gunshot Mamud heard, but didn’t know if it had been shot at him.

“ He is the enemy!” Ashkian said

Ashkian had shot 321 from behind.

“ My president I was the one who sent you those messages, the moment I got the information. I am sorry your daughter has been taken, but I promise you we will get her back.” Ashkian said

Mamud looked at 321’s dead body, Ashkian moved closer to 321’s body…

“ He was about to shoot you just now!”

“ Thank you Professor Ashkian… I never would have believed 321 was a spy, but who is he working for?”

“ I wouldn’t know, but I will find out for you, like I told you once, Mr president, you are new in this political game, Let me be your man!” Ashkian said

Bereto sat tied in his room under the watchful eyes of his Father’s aide…

“ I hope She is not dead!” Bereto thought silently.

Part 10
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

Sebrena remembered one of the movies she had watched, about a baby escaping from the hands of his kidnappers. She felt this was her own chance to escape as well, but on hearing the gunshot, she thought twice about it…

“ Wetin be that?” Agnos said

“ The Police should be around!” The ruthless one out of the squad said..

“ I told you this won’t end well!” One of the squad said..” Kidnapping the president’s daughter is not a good deal I told you..”

“ But you liked the money! Reuby keep quiet if you have nothing to say!” Agnos shouted “ Get the girl and let’s get out of here!”

“ The girl!” Reuby exclaimed

Sebrena had seized the opportunity of their heated argument to quietly escape them.

“ Where is the girl?” Agnos said

“ Damn!”

“ Little girl come out!, this is no time for hide and seek, if you don’t come out now, we will go kill your Dad, mum and sister!” Agnos said with feigned calmness.

“ We don die, Ashkian go finish us!” Reuby said…

Bereto’s wrist was aching him. He had been in that tied position for over 2 hours. His father walked in …

“ You should be lucky 321 did not spill the beans before I got there, I would have traded you for me. I would have denied the case. I would have poured it on you telling the president you had a gun to my head, before I made that phone call…Bereto, did you really think, you could double cross me, the moment you came back for your phone I knew something was up. You should count yourself lucky you are my only son! You would have joined 321 on his journey to Hell!”

“ Father has killed 321!” Bereto exclaimed within. Bereto knew he had to play safe with his father if he wanted to stay alive.

Mamud walked fearfully into the presidential quarters. Isire rushed down to meet him. She didn’t ask about why he looked sad, all she cared about was Why Sebrena was not with him.

“ Where is my daughter?” Isire asked

“ She has been kidnapped , but we will get her back before the sun goes down…” He said nonchalantly

“ You said what!” Isire asked as Mamud kept walking to his room without stopping…

“ Exactly what you heard!”

“ Mamuddddd….” Isire ran to him and slapped Him hotly. He looked towards Isire. Isire had always been fearful of him, but what she just did was a new Isire he had never seen before.”

“Where is my daughterrrr, Mamud!” Isire said raising her voice

“ We were attacked at the garden, 321 compromised and Sebrena was kidnapped, Professor Ashkian is on top of it! We will get her back! He has promised to pull some political strings to know who is behind the kidnap!”

Isire broke into tears!

“ I saw it! I saw it in my dream! Oh my God, my daughter is the one going to pay for your sin! Oh my God! Hidoko told me , I should have listened!” Isire said wailing

Mamud turned back …

“ Hidoko, you are still speaking to Hidoko! Oh I get it! You are still in love with Hidoko… You both wanted to kill me?” Mamud said

Isire knew she had said something wrong!

“ What are you talking about ? I haven’t spoken to Hidoko in years, I was referring to years back, when you came back to the Fifth State. He told me you were not the same Mamud, that left the fifth state!”

“ Isire, tell Hidoko to return my daughter, else I will kill both of you!” Mamud said “ He thinks he can sabotage my tenure, because I won him, tell him, I am Mamud and I am not easily shaken!”


“ What do you mean, you can’t find the girl?” Ashkian asked Agnos

“ She just vanished….” Agnos said over the phone

“ She just vanished? How?” Ashkian could feel the sweat on his brow. Agnos was about to flop his plan.

His plan was to kidnap the girl and still be the Saviour. He was going to return the girl later that evening. That way, he would have gained Mamud’s trust and made him realize he was powerful. He would cook up a story of making some calls and tendering a request by some unknown godfathers.

“ Agnos, I ought to rescue that child in the next 2 hours, so get back that child and stick to the plan. The police that ought to rescue her from you are on standby. Get back to the plan!” Ashkian said angrily ending the call


“ What did he say?” Reuby asked

“ Get the girl and Get back to the plan!” Agnos said

“ Damn.. I can’t lose my family over this deal, let’s search this whole forest now! And when I catch the girl I will make sure I give her one hell of