Part 5
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

Minatu drifted into sl€€p. She saw Mamud resting on a stick that had no strength. As he rested more on the weak stick, the stick broke.

It was more of a flash. Minatu opened her eyes sharply.

Minatu was her son’s seer and instructor. She was the one who believed he was going to be president one day and as much as Mamud tried frustrating her efforts, she made sure he became president.

She however knew her work was far from over, as she Daily interceded for him, but the problem! Mamud was a man of his own mind. He only listened to her 20% most times.

She knew what the meaning of the dream meant. Mamud must be relying on someone who wasn’t trustworthy.

She pondered on how to get this message across to Mamud without getting him angry.

“ Don’t waste time on this!” She heard her inner voice speak to her. She sensed the urgency in her Spirit.

“ Who is this unreliable person Mamud was relying on?” Minatu thought loudly

“ Isire?” Minatu asked herself

“ No… Isire is his wife, it cannot be her…” Minatu replied herself.

Professor Ashkian heard his phone ringing. He had been expecting that call for over two hours. Nubreto his Old friend turned political enemy had sent him a text earlier…

“Your newly elected president wants to see me, I hope you have not fed him lies about me?”

Ashkian knew the game Mamud was trying to play, he knew Mamud must have gotten the information that if there was anyone that could pull him down, only Nubreto could do it.

He had been anxiously waiting for the meeting to be over and knowing who Nubreto was , Ashkian could bet with his life that Nubreto would call to bluff about Mamud asking for his help…

“ Yes!” Ashkian had picked up

“ He was asking about you!” Nubreto Said After leaving Mamud’s office

“ I know” Ashkian replied

“ I decided to pay you what I owe you by painting him a fearful image of you. Told him to dance to your tune or else you would mess up his Tenure.” Nubreto said arrogantly

“ Am I suppose to say thank you ?” Ashkian said

“ You don’t need to, because I am not doing you a Favour, You will be owing me a Favour because I think you could win him.”

“ What do you have on Him?”

“ I think he has a secret he is hiding?”

“ How do you know that?”

“ I am a trained psychologist remember…. I only threatened him that you could blackmail him if he had a secret, and immediately he started sweating. Ashkian, there is something that young man is hiding, should you find it, you can use it to direct him in whatever direction you choose and when you do remember you owe me one!” Nubreto hung up.

Ashkian gave a dry smile and said quietly…

“ Mamud, I told you, you know nothing about Politics. I am about to teach you what it means!”


Part 6
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“ I had a terrible dream” Isire had said as she stood behind Mamud. She hugged him tightly hoping she won’t have to lose him like she saw in her dream

“ I don’t want to hear it?” Mamud had said shifting away from Isire.

“ Ok..” Isire said knowing it was best she kept quiet

“ So has Professor Ashkian agreed to the Closed Border system.?” Isire asked

“ No, but I don’t need his agreement! I am the president and my word is Final!”

“ Ma…mud!” Isire was about to tell him to take it slow but Mamud had raised his left hand up indicating she Kept quiet…

Isire walked quietly to her room. She had seen Mamud in a pool of his blood in her dream.

She remembered how she used to be the only one Mamud listened to, but After he returned to the Fifth State after 10 years of exile everything about Him had changed, except the love he had for her. Sometimes she felt the Mamud she knew as a teenager was not the one who returned.

“ Mother, Mother” Sebrena, her first daughter ran up to her…

“ Yes Sebrena… “

“ Do you think Dad will be free to take me out today as planned?”

“ Hmm… I don’t think so, seems he will be busy today”

“ Is he in an angry mood?” Sebrena asked

“ Sh….Sh…Don’t use that word… You know he doesn’t like us to see him that way!”

“ But That is the truth, he is always angry!”

Mamud was standing behind a pillar listening to Sebrena and Isire.

He knew he acted like an angry man but he could not help himself. He couldn’t stand to see evil prospering. He felt fire in his bones for Nirato, but His wife wanted to see her Husband around, while his daughters wanted to see their father but rather they saw a lion.

“ I can be a Lion outside so as to make Nirato a better place, but at home I must be a husband and Father!” Mamud said to himself

Mamud walked out from behind the pillar to meet Isire and Sebrena. Sebrena jumped back in fear…

“ Sebrena… Do you mind if we go out on our picnic today as discussed. I hope you don’t have Other plans?” Mamud asked smiling.

Isire’s heart warmed at Mamud’s smile , she wished he would give that smile more often.

Sebrena was just 7 years old so to easily embrace her father was not a difficult thing, but Isire….

“Isire, I want you to come along… Just us alone, I mean the four of us and I promise to be on my best behaviour” Mamud said smiling but Isire’s was not in the mood for any special outing or a reunion after he shut her up few minutes ago.

“ You and Sebrena can go, Minaya and I will stay behind. Minaya has her music class and I can’t leave her alone with the male teacher…” Isire said

Ordinarily Mamud would have forcefully made Isire go along, but he decided to let it go…

“ Sebrena, that means it’s just us” Mamud said

Ashkian was on the phone with his spy in the Presidential quarters.

“ Where?….Ok… Great! How many minutes from now?”

Bereto was sitting across his father over a game of chess. He knew that look on his father’s face… His father was about to do something terrible..

Ashkian ended the call and placed another call… He was about to speak to the other person on the phone, but on a second thought he looked at Bereto…

Bereto knew what was coming so he quickly pressed the record button on his phone. He stylishly dropped the phone on his chair while walking out…

“ Father, I hope you are not about to do something I won’t be proud of as your son?” Bereto asked while buttoning up his suit jacket .

“ Whatever I do is what is right for our country…” Ashkian said with a mischievous look as Bereto shut the door after him …

“ Hello 321… I need you to……”