Part 35
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“I have a confession!” Ashkian said to Mamud at the temporary prison he was kept. It was more of a private suite….

Ashkian explained in details all that he did to Mamud…

“That is why I know I am not worthy to be the Vice President you have been putting your foot down for!”

Mamud kept silent for a while. His new way of approaching issues was not to rage on impulse. He took his time to think through what had been said, checking the pros and cons of him getting angry before taking any action.

“No one is a saint… I forgive you, but you should be punished for what you did to 321, though 321 got the punishment for his betrayal. Ashkian, whatever you decide to do is left to you!” Mamud said

“Your Excellency, I may not be able to turn myself in like you did , but I have decided to punish myself. I am ending my political career.” Ashkian said in all sincerity

“Hmm… but who can we trust with that seat?” Mamud reasoned aloud “Bereto !” Ashkian said unconsciously…

“Your Son!”Mamud said

“Honestly, I didn’t know I said that aloud! My son had always frowned at my political ways. He was the one who sent you the warning message you saw on your phone… You are also his hero. I see a mini you in Him! That is one person I can trust!”


Mamud spoke to the citizens in another Video telling them Professor Ashkian in the best interest for the nation has also resigned from politics, hence he won’t be stepping in as the Vice President, but Mamud craved the indulgence to accept Bereto as the Vice President. Mamud had won the heart of the citizens and they were ready to obey him as regards his choice of who should step in.

Within 4 weeks after his court sentence, a befitting structure was built for Mamud in the Oreke woods where he was supposed to serve his jail term for 15 years….

Mamud moved into the house. He named it the Greenhouse. Green was the color of peace…

From that place, Mamud was able to influence the country Nirato. From his place of solitude with God, He was able to think through the best policies for Nirato. The citizens were loyal to him. He became a priest to Nirato right from the prison house.

Venosa became a good leader, because Bereto was a great supporter.

Venosa completed Mamud’s remaining 3 1⁄2 years before contesting for his own 4 years tenure.

Eventually Venosa and Bereto spent 8 years plus 3 1⁄2 years as the leaders of Nirato. That was 11 1⁄2 years (Eleven and the half years).

When their tenure was almost over, a sudden realization hit the whole of Nirato….

President Mamud still needed to rule Nirato…

Unknown to Mamud, (though he had a cable system in the Greenhouse where he could watch News and Movies) the whole country with one voice had arranged that during the official handing over to the new president the people supposedly voted for, Mamud while invited to Grace the occasion will be declared the President of Nirato…

No Election was held, but a show was put up in the media for Mamud not to suspect any foul play…
Isire had also given birth to two other children , Mamud Junior and Neweq(which meant Grace in Nirato Language) in between those 11 1⁄2 years.

No one ever heard about Hidoko again, neither did they see Minaya, but Isire and Minatu believed that someday, Minaya would come home.

Bereto and Yenewa found themselves in love with each other in the process of becoming regular visitors at the Greenhouse. Bereto and Yenewa got married and raised Sebrena with other children they had. Sebrena got to realize as she grew older that Mamud and Isire were her birth parents, but since she never recovered her past memory, she opted to stay with Yenewa as her mother.

Sowak’s mother owned up to her error, and started a foundation sensitizing mothers on leading their children rightly.

Minatu knew her son would still fulfill prophecy and though he was in the Greenhouse, She never gave up on him. She knew his life could still start all over again even at 50 years old.

And that day came, when despite Mamud’s terrible choices at the early stage of his life, despite the different enemies that rose up against him, despite the marital challenge that came in his midlife, despite losing two of his children to other people, despite those 11 1⁄2 years he spent mostly alone in the Greenhouse… God’s prophecy still came to pass in his life….

He became the best President NIRATO ever had.

He ruled his people for 8 years and made the Land the way God wanted it to be, because he choose to partner with God in making that Prophecy come to pass in his life.

Prophecy is God’s intention for you, but your Actions will determine if that Prophecy will manifest…


Author’s NOTE:
I don’t know what prophecy you have received concerning your life, marriage, ministry and it seems like; you, friends, enemies, loved ones, society, background, weaknesses, people’s mistakes seem to be standing on the way of your fulfilling that prophecy, be of good cheer , for God’s word tells you in Jeremiah 29:11-13

11For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
12Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.
13You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

For you to fulfill the prophecy over your life, you must be willing to seek the Lord with all your heart Just like Mamud, then God will partner with you in fulfilling that prophecy despite all opposing forces…

Are you ready to Partner with God? Then First things First….

Say this prayer…..

Heavenly Father, I come before you today. Forgive me all my sins. Come into my life and Make me a new being. I accept Christ into my Life today. Help me to fulfill your intentions for my life…

You must grow in your most Holy Faith and build a lasting relationship with God. Join a bible believing Church and grow in your most holy Faith.
God bless you!

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