Part 29
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“It is a pity that our President is missing, his daughter is missing and the whole country has suddenly turned against him, despite the good things he did for this country in the few months of him becoming president, not forgetting how he fought for our independence due to his relationship with the Iskelon government.

I must point out that, In my months of working closely with the president, though he is a tough man, he can never be any of the things The First Lady is describing.

Due to the shock I felt after watching her video, I carried out a little research and surprisingly it would interest the public to know that the First Lady and Mr Hidoko were once romantically involved as youths….” Ashkian said in a video that was displayed on Hidoko’s T.V

Ashkian further corroborated his claim by interviewing few people who were living in the FIFTH state as at the time Mamud was not in the FIFTH State.

“It is true that President Mamud Killed a boy named Fila when he was young, we were all teenagers back then. The boy was the one who infuriated the president but after his death, the president has been taking care of the boy’s family. President Mamud was given a presidential pardon back then. Hidoko had always had his eyes for the First Lady, so I don’t believe the First Lady… I believe Mr Hidoko and the First Lady should tell us the truth, where our President is !” A citizen said in a video
Hidoko couldn’t believe what he was watching, Professor Ashkian was defending Mamud in his absence.

Yenewa had explained all that happened to Mamud…

“Your wife is saying all sorts about you and knowing who Hidoko, my cousin is, I can say for a fact that Hidoko is influencing her!” Yenewa said
“Isire said all that!” A part of him felt the pain of betrayal but he quickly pushed it aside…

“It’s been over a week since I disappeared, I really want to go back, but I feel I am not ready!”

“Ready? For what?”

“To have the boldness to do the right thing…!”


“Yenewa… I will let you know when the time is right…In two days’ time, please get me out of here… I will be ready by that time!”

“But I hope the right thing doesn’t include hurting your wife?”

“I should be angry at her betrayal but I am way past that now… I cannot waste my anger on things that are mundane…My anger should be directed at more serious issues crippling the nation…”

“Well, if that is the case, I should really let you out of here today, one to defend yourself and secondly do the right thing you have to do…”

“Defend myself! When God is already doing that.. You just told me Professor Ashkian is defending me on all fronts, so obviously Venosa won’t be able to step in before I show up in two days’ time…!”

“Hmmm…. You are right… ummm…. 2 days time right!”


Venosa couldn’t sl€€p all throughout the night. For over a week, since the disappearance of the President, he felt he was going to lose it..

The country was about to make his life more miserable by appointing him as the Acting President. He knew his strength, he could not be the First man. He had always loved the supporting role…

“What are you thinking about? I hope you are not afraid of becoming what I now you were destined to be…” Venosa’s wife said

“I am not destined to be President, Mamud is…” Venosa said affirmatively to his wife with the voice that told her, she needed to keep quiet.


Minatu had not eaten food for over a week. She painfully stayed indoors fasting and praying to her God…

No one had heard from Mamud. What surprised her however, is that in the midst of the national chaos and people asking where her son was, to Isire his wife saying all sorts and Sebrena being missing…. Her peace of mind was double alarming…

It felt like God was reassuring her every minute that all was well with her son!


Part 30
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“ I do not want to act in the capacity of the President yet, as I feel it is highly insensitive of us, to behave like the President being missing is not a big deal” Venosa said “We should do all we can do to find the missing President”

Hidoko had instigated a popular T.V broadcaster to have him, Venosa and Ashkian on National T.V. He was hoping to instigate the citizens as well…

“Well, if you don’t step in, someone else will. The country can’t go on without a president or an acting President!” Hidoko said to Venosa

“And I believe you think that person could be you!” Ashkian retorted on National T.V “This explains why you decamped from your political party to join the NPF two weeks ago… Let’s get this Mr Hidoko, you want to maximize this opportunity. You believe if Venosa becomes the President, you can step in as the Vice President since you now belong to the President’s party.” Ashkian made Hidoko’s ploy public

The Presenter and Venosa were taken aback by the revelation, but Hidoko wouldn’t let his back lay on the ground for Ashkian to Win…

“I have the best interest of Nirato at heart and therefore my intentions to be a ruling member of the nation is a Noble one… Yes, I will not be ashamed to become the Vice President to Mr Venosa Since the President has gone AWOL!”
Ashkian looked with total disgust as he felt and knew he was losing the battle…

“We would have loved to take more on tonight’s round table discussion, but Time waits for no man… We still hope the President will come out publicly and give some explanations to what is happening. We also hope Her Excellency Mrs Isire will join us to have a round table discussion as well… Well, in the meantime, Mr Hidoko’s point will highly resonate with a lot of people… Nirato cannot be a President-less Nation! I am Minuni Aslei… Good Night Nirato!” Said the Presenter…

Isire had refused eating for three days straight. Minaya had not been brought to her, despite her doing the video. She should have known Hidoko would not follow through with his own side of the bargain…

“God, I am sorry for how I have not been close to you, I am sorry that for years I tried to be Mamud’s superwoman. I did not improve myself spiritually enough to withstand temptation when it came. All I did for years was to concentrate on how terrible Mamud was, feeling like I was doing him a Favour by getting married to him… God help me find myself in all of these, Help me find my two daughters and If Mamud can still be found, Please find him!” Isire said very broken in the Five star h0tel room that had become a prison for her…

Yenewa sat at her usual spot….
“Guess as from tomorrow, I won’t have the privilege of talking to the president of Nirato…”

“No way! We must always have our talks…!”
Mamud said laughing

“So easy to say now, but when you get back to your throne, I will become highly insignificant…!”
Mamud laughed , but he choose to keep quiet as he didn’t want to give an empty promise. He knew his life was going to change starting from tomorrow!

“I will love to introduce my Daughter to you tomorrow!” Yenewa said

“And definitely your husband too!” Mamud said

“I am not married!”

Mamud went quiet, as he didn’t expect someone like Yenewa to be a promiscuous lady..

“Not what you are thinking..!” Yenewa knew the meaning of that silence…

“She is adopted, found her missing in the woods and she couldn’t remember who she was… So I have been caring for her…”

“Wow! So thoughtful of you!” Mamud said.. “I will do whatever I can do to support you in giving her the best in life…”

“Thank you President Mamud, that means a lot to me!”

“President Mamud!” Mamud thought over the two words.

“Am I still the President of Nirato or has Hidoko gone ahead to push Venosa into becoming the President?”