Part 25
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“I’ll rather die than do that to my husband…” Isire said very quietly in tears

Hidoko didn’t like the answer so he pushed Isire against the wall, separating her from Minaya.

“You are going to do exactly what I tell you to do… You will make that video, You will accuse your husband of kidnapping your daughter and that you ran away from him because you know he can kill you… or else I will kill your daughter Minaya, then I guess everything you hold so dear will be lost forever… I must rule this nation, I must win Mamud!”

Hidoko removed his hands from her neck, pushing her to the floor and with fury took Minaya from the room. Minaya cried out for her mother, but Hidoko pulled her out of the room before Isire could reach him…

“ Minaaaaaaaaya” Isire screamed….

Bereto and his father were seated in the study…
“Where do you think he must be?” Ashkian asked very troubled “He doesn’t seem to me like a person that will run off just like that!”

“Exactly!” Bereto affirmed “ So what do you think will happen now?”

“Well, according to politics of Iskelon who is our model, the Vice President steps in as the Acting President, while investigation is ongoing…”

“So, a whole President is missing and all the security personnel can not find him.! I weep for my nation… I wish I could actually change this country for good!” Bereto said in frustration

“You can! Yes that’s it Son…” Ashkian said suddenly after a brief moment of silence.


“Let’s hope Mamud is dead and His Vice becomes President, I can present you to the political elders to become the Vice President…” Ashkian said

“Father, Are you serious? No! If I am ever going into politics, I must deserve it , not it looking like a gift handed over to me!” Bereto said walking out of his father..

Ashkian didn’t see this coming, but this looked promising…

Mamud had better not come out from wherever he is… Bereto had to get to the presidential office….

Yenewa walked towards the pit, she dropped a basket down into the pit, like she had been doing in the past two days…

“Why are you passing down food to me here like I am a beggar… Please blind girl, get me out of here… I am sorry for what I did to your brother! The whole nation will be worried sick as to my where about!”

“You can say that again, everyone has been asking where the president is and no one could ever guess it’s a very harmless blind girl that has him trapped?”

“What do you want from this?”

“I really don’t know… guess I just want you to know you are not all powerful and sometimes even when we have the strength to do something we can restrain ourselves”


“You don’t get it, do you?”


“Power is not in strength but in wisdom and wisdom mostly comes in the place of solitude…”


“I need you to stay a while in that pit and learn some wisdom about Managing your anger…”

Mamud got furious… he began to hit his legs and hands on the wall of the pit…

“Who are you to teach me about anger management? You are still holding a grudge against me for what I did to your brother years back… Is that not anger?”

“No… I was angry two days ago but I got over it after getting a calm place to think it through. If I was still angry I won’t bring you food and water…”

“Blind girl, please get me out of here…”

“Not until I see you have found your peace… You wanted peace for your troubled heart! The place of Solitude is the best place to get it !”Yenewa said leaving Mamud in the pit for another day…

“If only I had taken my phone along with me 3 days ago… Anger made me forget in the room. Maybe they would have tracked the signal to this pit!” Mamud thought inwardly as he sat back in the hole he had been living, sl€€ping, eating and defecating for the past few days….


Part 26
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“I have had time to really think like you said! I think I know what my real problem is!” Mamud said from the pit the moment he heard approaching footsteps…

“Good to know! That’s means you deserve the treat I brought you…but let’s hear it first.. !”

“Anger! That’s my problem… I get so angry and do things I later regret…”

“Nah! Anger is not your problem but the lack of control is the problem… We are humans and we are allowed to get angry, but we must control that anger before it gets out of hand… You know I used to ask God Why I was born blind, I saw it as a weakness, but it stopped becoming one when I embraced who I am and learnt how to live with it… I am in control of my blind sight, my blind sight doesn’t control me…”
Mamud maintained total silence…

“Do you know we were all created by God, and we were made like him… President Mamud, God also gets angry, but if God were to take action on every of his angry moments, there won’t be any one living on earth…”

Mamud still wouldn’t say a word as no one had ever made him see his life that way…

“Anger isn’t my problem, but my lack of self control in acting during the time of Anger is my problem!” Mamud said silently to himself

“President Mamud, God creating you the way you are isn’t a mistake, he put that fire in you, that anger against evil in you… It is the unique power he has given you, because he knows you need to clear the land of the evil ones, but that same Anger must be well managed and used appropriately…” Yenewa said as she stood up…

“It’s getting dark… I need to leave! I just came around to drop you this treat!” Yenewa said as she dropped a pack of Candace chocolate and a pack of fruit juice…

“I would have loved us to continue this conversation, Mr President, but I promised My daughter I will be back in no time….and I wouldn’t want to break my promise..”Yenewa said

“You have a daughter?” Mamud said as he burst into tears “I don’t know if mine has been found… Did they mention her in the news? I promised her I was going to get her back, but I have failed her!” Mamud said in tears

“Found? What do you mean?”

“My First daughter Sebrena was kidnapped about 17 days ago before my wife and my other daughter left the house!”


“Yes, don’t know what they would have done to her… I hope she hasn’t had any of her seizures… she hasn’t taken her pills in days… “ Mamud cried as he felt he was a mess of a Father…

“Seizures?” Yenewa’s heart was beating fast…

“She is epileptic!”

“How old is she?”

“7 years old, very beautiful like her mother!”

“Does she pronounce the letter “R” as “ W”? Meaning if she wants to say “Reach,” she says “Weach?”….” Yenewa asked as she felt her body vibrating…

“Yes, you know so much about everything, the speech therapist we got said it was due to the frequent number of seizures she has had that altered her speech…”

Mamud heard silence after

“Hello, are you still there?”

Yenewa sat frozen on one spot as she broke down In tears… She was awed at the magnitude of God’s wisdom… She couldn’t fix the pieces together but it was obvious God loved President Mamud and despite his issues, God would work all things around to Favour him, even if it included his enemies working for him….

“What do you mean you are considering Bereto becoming the Vice President?” Hidoko raised his voice against Ashkian at the Brotherhood’s Hangout….

“That spot is mine!”