Part 23
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

Isire heard the door opening…

“ Is this your definition of Love?” She said as Hidoko stepped in

“ Love is protecting someone you care about!”

“ You are not protecting me, you are keeping my daughter and I hostage… I need to go find Sebrena… You promised you will find out what you need to find out about her disappearance but I haven’t heard a word since…”

“ My Private investigators are still on it… Isire , I am sorry for keeping you here… but I can’t let you go back to Mamud!”

“ Why? He is not a beast, he just has anger issues and I have been managing him for years…”

“ Isire, listen I will let you go back to him, if I see that he changes, besides there is a lot of conspiracy against him and I don’t want you caught up in all of that!”

“ What conspiracy?”

“ I heard the political elders want him impeached because he is not dancing to their tunes and these people are not nice…Isire, I think your daughter may have been kidnapped by these political juggernauts…”

Isire’s world came crashing…

“ What do they want?”

“ If Mamud is not careful, he may be assasinated soon. The political elders only used him to get their independence from Iskelon knowing how close he became to the Iskelon government. The plan was for him to seat for 4 years and brush him aside, while they put in their own Man…So this hardness he is showing doesn’t count before this people…!” Hidoko said…


Yenewa counted her steps to the stream hoping the stranger would still be there…On getting there, she tried smelling if someone was around but all she smelt was fresh dew…

She decided to sit down to relax her tired legs… She heard approaching footsteps… running ruthlessly towards where she was … Fear gripped her heart as she searched for where to hide…

Mamud got to the spot and didn’t see Yenewa…

“ Where are you? Blind girl where are you? I need your soothing palm, my heart feels it’s about to explode… Why was I created with this kind of heart? Why? I can’t withstand evil and yet when I try to destroy evil , I end up doing more evil!”

Yenewa came out of hiding…
She heard the deep pain in the Stranger’s voice… Mamud turned back sharply…

“ You are here!” Mamud ran towards her without thinking and in the process he forgot about the Pit Yenewa warmed him of…..


“ Oh my God, what wrong? Did you fall into the pit?” Yenewa said very concerned

“ Yes! Oh my God! How do I get out of here…!” Mamud screamed from below…

“ Be calm… I will figure something out!”

“ Figure something out? You are blind…” Mamud said with irritation and anger in his voice

“ Blind but not stupid…!” Yenewa said, a little pissed at the insult the stranger threw at her.

“ Get out of here and tell someone to bring me out of here… Tell them it is president Mamud!”

Yenewa’s time stopped ticking….

Every thing went on standstill… The air stood still…

“ Who did you just say you are?”

“ You heard me, I am the President of the Federal Republic of Nirato, President Mamud!”

Yenewa stepped back in fear and instant hatred engulfed her soul….

“ Hey! Blind girl where are you going? I know you are overwhelmed at knowing you spoke with the President but get over it and….”

“ Overwhelmed? You must think highly of yourself… Overwhelmed ! No! Rather I am angry, irritated that I ever touched your body, you beast…and Murderer…”

Mamud became immediately quiet, He was shocked she knew anything about his murder of Sowak…

“ It was a mistake… !” Mamud said

“ Killing a young boy like you was a mistake?”

“ A young boy? Blind girl I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“ Fila, back in the Fifth state … Does that ring a bell…!”

“ Fila? You knew him?”

“ He was my brother!”

Yenewa rushed away from the stream running all the way back to her house….

Mamud screamed for her to come back but no one could hear him… He was in a pit in the middle of nowhere…


Part 24
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

“ I am sure you have heard the news!” Hidoko said taunting Isire

Isire knew what he was talking about… Mamud had gone AWOL, but she was troubled , because she knew Mamud didn’t just leave things and walked away… Something must have gone wrong. He had been declared missing for a day, although the last time anyone saw him was 2 days ago, but the media waited 24 hours before declaring him missing…

“Where are you Mamud?” Isire thought silently in her heart.

“Isire, I told you, Mamud was messing with the political elders of Nirato… You should be grateful you are here with me…that way you are safe!”

“ No, I am hateful that I am here with you, I hate myself for being stupid , I am hateful that my daughter is missing , my husband is missing and I have been trapped in this room for days by a man who claims to be in love with me… Let me guess, once my husband can’t be found, You will be elected as the New President!”


“You all should have made me president…!” Hidoko said
Professor Ashkian, Hidoko and a few political elders sat in the brotherhood court…

“I have been trying to penetrate him, but he has been proving hard to reach!”

“Let’s impeach him, rope him with organized crimes, organize a trial and remove him from office, I wish we had a past to haunt him with…” One of the men said

Hidoko knew he had the right crime he could give to the brotherhood, but the presidential pardon will render it useless…

“But that will leave the country in the hands of Venosa, his Vice… and we know that guy is a chicken!” Hidoko had said

“Exactly! We need a Chicken to lead and you Hidoko will become the Chicken’s Vice President thereby leading from behind!”

“Hidoko answer me, the plan is to take over from him?” Isire shouted at Hidoko who was lost in thought. Isire’s question had made him remember the conversation he had when Mamud was three months into the office as the President.

“Politics doesn’t work that way… If anything happens to Mamud, he has a Vice President… Isire… I need you to do something to get back your daughter!” Hidoko said

“What?” Isire knew something was fishy

“I want you to do a video indicating Mamud has psychological problems which you feel is the reason why he has gone into hiding… That way, the political elders can declare him unfit to lead Nirato any longer… That way he will be removed from the Office and your daughter will be released back to you!” Hidoko said

Isire was beyond shocked as she finally realized this was Hidoko’s plan all along… To use her as a tool to get her Husband off the throne….