I AM PRESIDENT MAMUD opeyemi akintunde

Part 19
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

Hidoko was more caring and soft despite having a military background. He made her feel like a loved woman in the past two weeks. Hidoko had divorced his wife few years back which was one of the reasons he lost out on the presidential race between him and Mamud. He had told the populace in his campaign that not having a wife would give him more time for the nation, but the citizens didn’t buy it.

Word on the Streets was that “A man who couldn’t manage his family Crises would not be able to manage the country’s crises”

Isire knew Hidoko had always loved her from her teenage years back in the FIFTH State. He did everything to woo her, but she was in love with Mamud. For the ten years Mamud left the FIFTH STATE, Hidoko did everything possible to get married to her, but she hated his guts.

When Mamud came back, educated and wealthy, all hell was let loose as Hidoko instigated Fila’s family against him.

Mamud had come prepared… He and his mother had approached Fila’s family. They had paid for the Family’s loss and a lawyer had been brought in to seal a deal. The family had said they won’t press charges as the fight was a mutual one. Fila was generally known for his bad mouth, and besides 10 years had healed the pain….

Mamud had promised to take care of FILA’s family till he died. He promised to do more than what Fila would have done for them… By that time, Yenewa was in a boarding school for the blind. She never met him one on one, but heard stories about him from Hidoko, her big cousin.

Hidoko also was at that time at the university of Iskelon during the agreement. When Hidoko got back and was hinted on what had happened , he became very angry and swore to report to the authorities over there. He felt Mamud couldn’t just go scot free.

Hidoko wrote letters to the Iskelon presidential office, but unknowing to Him, Mamud was the President’s personal cleaner.

After the President received the letter, he had called Mamud privately.

“ Is this true, Mamud?”

“ Yes, your excellency, But I was provoked!”

“ What is going on with his family?”

“ I have approached them and settled it amicably. I promised to take care of everything he left behind.”

“ What was their reply?”

“ They agreed and they signed the necessary papers.”

“ But I got a letter from a certain Hidoko who says he is a part of the family!”

Mamud bowed his head…

“You know who that is?” The then President of Iskelon said

“ My rival, he loves the woman I love”

The president laughed so hard…

“ Don’t worry Mamud, I will handle this for you, you are a good boy and someday I see you becoming great. In the course of greatness, most times we get our hands dirty but when God is with us, he positions men in our path to wash those hands for us. Mamud, I will be one of those men.”

The president had arranged a meeting.

He had invited Hidoko to the presidential quarters of Iskelon.

Hidoko felt on top of the world believing he was finally going to put Mamud behind bars.

He walked into Conference room with so much gait but all that pump in him suddenly deflated when he saw Mamud seated…

“ Welcome Mr Hidoko, Former Head Of Nirato Forces in the FIFTH State….How are you?” The president said

“ I am doing great Sir!”

“ Hi Hidoko!” Mamud said

“ Hi” Hidoko managed to reply

“ I will get straight to this …. I got your letter and you were absolutely right Mamud unintentional killed a fellow boy when he was provoked. His mother and girlfriend were being insulted and he wanted to fight back, which he could have done in a more civil way. However, I interrogated him and he said , he and the parents of the deceased has handled it amicably, but you have a problem with that?….” The president

Hidoko was speechless….but he made an attempt to say a word but the president cut him short

“ I also did a background check on you to be sure you were also legit, but I was surprised to find out that you were forced to resign from the Nirato Armed forces in the FIFTH state over fraud and using public funds for yourself. I found out you used the money meant to buy a brand new Patrol van, but instead you bought a fairly used one… Mr Hidoko, a man who steals from the citizens is no worse than a murderer….”

Silence dominated the room for few seconds before Hidoko spoke…

“ I promise not to bring up the issue again!”

“ Absolutely, because as a Father, elder brother and President of Iskelon, which your country is a colony under, I am therefore giving you both a Presidential Pardon on both of your crimes. I never want to hear about these cases anymore…. Here is a paper backing the Presidential Pardon duly signed by me.”

The President pushed to them….

“ And this agreement form of silence which I will be the witness to.”

Hidoko appended his signature and Mamud followed suit.

“ Hidoko go back to your family and the FIFTH STATE, telling everyone that I, President Niovo has given you both a presidential pardon for your crimes, and who ever brings up any of this matter will be committing a crime… Any questions?”

Both parties were quiet…

“ I guessed as much, so go on boys, you have a great life ahead of you, who knows either of you could be the President of Nirato someday, so don’t let your past get in the way of your future…”

Isire had been the happiest person on earth that day. Mamud had shown her the papers.

“ So you are free….!”

“ Yes so free….”

Hidoko had passed by them without saying a word but everything about him said everything…

Isire sat open eyed on the bed in Hidoko’s h0tel room…

“ I shouldn’t be here… God has always been good to Mamud… I should be with him. I should be with him, joining forces with him to bring Sebrena back…not sl€€ping with Hidoko.”

Isire stood up… Picked up her new phone Hidoko had bought for her. She tried calling Mamud, but the line kept ringing without him picking up.

She called Hidoko who picked up almost immediately…

“ Hello my Love!” Hidoko had said

“ Hello Hidoko, I cannot do this anymore, I need to return home!”

“ Return where? To Mamud, Isire what is wrong with you? Mamud is a murderer and I won’t let him take you away from me forever….” Hidoko ended the call abruptly

Isire tried calling back but his line was engaged…. Isire cared less if he was angry, she packed up her stuffs, woke Minaya up. She knew Hidoko had a Cab service in his h0tel, which she hoped to get one to take her home.

On getting to the reception of the h0tel, 3 fearful looking Security personal had blocked the entrance…

“ What is happening here?” Isire asked

“ We are sorry First Lady, Mr Hidoko asked us not to let you out of here, as it could be dangerous for you to go to wherever you intend going?” One of the security personnel Said…

“ What? Is Hidoko going to hold me hostage now?” Isire asked unbelievably.


Part 20
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

Mamud still stood few meters away from Yenewa contemplating if he should obey her… She had said she could see through him, maybe she could see the demon in him and tell him out to get rid of it.

“ You said there is a pit in between us, how do I get over to your side…” Mamud had asked…

“Don’t worry, I know my way around, Let me come over!”

Mamud watched as the blind girl took a long distance to go round the pit till she got to him…

“And here we are!” Yenewa said laughing and her laughter felt like a surge of Joy into Mamud. He suddenly forgot the crime he had just committed. He reciprocated by laughing…

“ Thank you!” he had said

“ You are tall and huge!” Yenewa said…

“ And you are petite!” Mamud said…

“ Can I place my hand on your chest, the heart never lies! It speaks volume… it’s one of my Specialties, I read people’s heart” Yenewa said,but Mamud stepped back instead…

“Don’t be afraid, I don’t intend seducing you, What can a blind girl like me do to a huge man like you!” Yenewa said on a very light mood…

Mamud looked at the genuineness on her face. He picked her hand and placed it on his chest and instantly Mamud felt the kind of peace he had never felt before…. It felt like a shot of Joy and peace was injected into him. He heaved a great sigh of relief, while Yenewa felt like she was thrown into a roller coaster of trouble…

“ Troubled heart, your heart race is way above normal, a heart fighting between two options, to do right or wrong… Fear of doing the right thing that may not be acceptable, Fear of a past catching up!” Yenewa said as she hurriedly removed her hand from his chest…Fear gripped her at the magnitude of what this stranger bore on his heart… She had never felt that energy from anyone’s heart … she felt drained…

“ Please Don’t stop….” Mamud said as her hands on his chest felt like his mother’s touch, even better. It felt like some Spiritual force, possibly God was touching his heart and melting all the troubles in there…

“ I need to leave, My family will be worried sick..” Yenewa started rushing away from the stranger…

“ Careful! Can I come here every night … I am a troubled man like you said and your palm feels like pain and trouble reliever…” Mamud said

“ I cannot assure you! I am sorry” Yenewa said. She felt really drained.

“ Please… I could pay you for the services!” Mamud said

“ Money! I am not easily swayed by money, Bye Mister… You will be fine.. Go to a church, You will find God there…”

Yenewa disappeared into the woods…

“ What was her name she mentioned earlier?” Mamud thought silently

“ Yew…. Yewa…. “ He couldn’t place her name…but he placed his hand over his peaceful heart and laid on the nearby stone. The place felt like heaven for him…