Part 15
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

Mamud sat on his bedroom couch, beside his window. He had just returned from a series of meetings. He could say categorically that all he said during the meeting were not his words. It was What Professor Ashkian had told him was best that he replayed in the meeting.

First, he announced that he had revisited his closed border policy and had realized, it will not do Nirato good especially since Nirato was just in her early months of independence.

He noticed the way the Vice President kept looking at him in shock. He knew the fire in him for governance was wearing out and he was sure his vice could see through him.

He also announced to those present at the meeting that he had no intention of getting the 18 girls back. He told them he believed in using the strong hand against the abductors.

“ If we dialogue with them, we will be at their mercy. Therefore, I do not have intentions of contacting them. When they are out of resources to take care of the girls , they will let them go!” Mamud had said during the meeting. Everyone exchanged looks…

“ That was well delivered!” Professor Ashkian said. “ You have passed a strong message to them, and that message is that you are not a chicken president”

Professor Ashkian had said earlier to Mamud, but Mamud knew this was not what he wanted for Nirato…

Sitting on his Couch that night thinking about all that he had gone through, he suddenly felt like eating….

“ Sowak!” Mamud roared from his room. “ I need food!” Even as he said it , tears dropped from his eyes as he knew food wasn’t the answer. He was lonely and depressed. Isire’s phone was completely unreachable. Sebrena had not been found.

He had also not spoken to his mother all this while. He didn’t want to bother her. Therefore, he needed something to fill him up….

Sowak rushed into the room in a very skimpy night wear…

“ I am sorry sir, I was asl€€p already!” Sowak said

Mamud became speechless. He looked at Sowak but all he saw was Isire standing before him. He had missed Isire’s beautiful body. This would have been the best time to cuddle in her arms.

“ Isire!”

“ No sir, it is Sowak!, Do you need me to make any meal for you, I heard you calling for me. I am sorry sir, I thought you were through for the day…”

“ Sowak, I am sorry for waking you up… Never mind, Get back to bed!” Mamud said

“ Ok sir !” Sowak said

“ Sowak! “

“ Yes sir!”

“ Did you dress this way to seduce me?” Mamud said

Sowak saw it as an open entrance…

“ I am sorry sir. I noticed that for weeks you have been unhappy!” She said moving seductively to Mamud, using her mother’s schemes.

“ I feel I could help you get relaxed knowing how stressed you get everyday in your bid to keep the country together” Sowak said as she placed her lip on Mamud’s lips…

Mamud moved his hands towards Sowak’s neck and grabbed her neck….

“ And you think I will be interested in you or this ? Sowakkkk, with all the things happening to me and this country, you think the next best thing is adultery… Sowak…” the Lion in Mamud had risen. The lion that couldn’t tolerate nonsense came out so fiercely.

Sowak felt she couldn’t breathe again…

“ Sirrrrrr, I am sorrrrryyy…I cannot breathe again…” Sowak managed to say.

The anger in Mamud got the best of Him. He hated infidelity with a passion and he couldn’t believe Sowak brought it to him in his own bedroom…
Other men could cheat, but not Mamud!

He felt it, he felt she was lifeless…

Mamud stepped back in fear… He had killed Sowak…

“What have I done again?” Mamud screamed in his heart with tears pouring out….


Part 16
Opeyemi Akintunde Ojerinde

Minatu jumped out of her bed. She felt a spear was thrown at her heart. She heard the whisper…

“ Pray for Mamud!”

Minatu didn’t like the sound of that…

“ Dear Father, I don’t know what is going on with Mamud, but If he is going against your plans for his life, help him. I know my son, he loves to do what is right. He has the passion to help the helpless, to defend his people, but if he is going about it the wrong way, please forgive him and set him right…You have always been looking for a God fearing King and leader, Mamud is that King for your people…”

37 years ago…

A group of Evangelist had come to the FIFTH State preaching Christ to them. Part of their message that night was about God’s promise of sending King Jesus. The anchor Scripture that night was Jeremiah 23:5

“The days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land.”

Silently, where Minatu sat, as the Evangelist elaborated on the story of the prophecy of Jesus’ birth coming to pass years later, and how a V!rgin Mary had given birth to that glorious child, Minatu thought about Nirato and said…

“ God, if you can also save Nirato, my womb is also available to carry that king or president that will do what is just and right in this Land.”

Almost immediately, one of the Evangelists, Sarah who was gifted in prophecy said…

“ There is a woman in this meeting, God is preparing her womb to Carry a child of righteousness. He will be a wild child and very fierce. He will frown at every form of unrighteousness in the Land. He will purge the Land and raise the banner of the Lord high in Nirato.”

Minatu had fallen heavily under the hand of the Lord. She kept wailing with her eyes closed.

She kept screaming “Not me, I am not worthy, I am not worthy!”

Few hours later after Minatu had recovered, She had been asked if she knew what happened to her, and she said all she knew was that her body was opened up and a BIG LIGHT that burned like Fire was put in her womb. After the man in her vision CLOSED her womb up, he had told her…

“ Don’t let the light go off!”


Minatu had been trying her best to see to it that Mamud’s Light never went off. She went extra miles for him.

Minatu knelt praying in tears, “Father please, I have tried to keep his light on, but I don’t know what else to do…! Help my Son! Don’t let the Fire in him swallow him up!”

Mamud didn’t know what to do, his aide started knocking!

“Sir, is everything Okay Sir?”

“ Yes, I am taking a quick shower!”

Mamud sat in the shower crying his heart out. Should he just end his life?

“ God of my mother, you know how much I want to do right, why do things end up bad for me?”

Mamud’s phone kept ringing…

He moved to his phone so as to turn it off…

“ MAAME” That was his pet name for his mother…. He knew his mother would have felt it…

Mamud picked up and rather than say anything, he cried like a baby…

Minatu knew the sound of that tears, she knew what it meant. Mamud always cried that way anytime he did what was wrong and wasn’t proud of it…

“ Mamud, What ha…ave you done?” Minatu asked with a shaky voice. Her tears were pouring uncontrollably. She knew what Mamud must have done would be terrible, but she would go all the way to correct it…

“ I just killed one of my female staff… MAAME… She was trying to seduce me, she was trying to make me do evil… MAAME I have been going through a Lot… Sebrena has been kidnapped, Isire ran away from home with Minaya… MAAME, maybe the prophecy wasn’t meant for me. Maybe I am not the Child of righteousness. Maybe I am fulfilling another man’s destiny…MAAME, I want everything to end. I know I fought for the independence, maybe that was just meant to be my quota, but maybe I wasn’t meant to be president… Maame, I am a failure, I am a loser, I am a murderer, I am a beast…” Mamud said in all sincerity as he broke down in tears. He saw Sowak’s lifeless body staring at him.

“ Yes… I am a beast, I am a demon, I am not God’s prophecy…” He said

“ No… You are … You are God’s answer to the people…” Minatu said amidst tears…

A devil went into Mamud and it engulfed his very soul. He ended his mother’s call abruptly.

He had to clean up this mess, Resign his appointment and go on exile.

He picked his phone and called the one person he knew could clean up his mess!

Who? Your guess is so right!