“I am getting older now, but I can still hear God say there is more to do as a drama minister” – Dr Moses Korede Are

In a heartfelt Facebook post, renowned gospel drama minister, Evang. Moses Korede, expressed his unwavering dedication to serving Jesus through drama ministry.

Emphasizing his willingness to go to any length for the sake of spreading the message of Christ, Evang. Korede declared that he is prepared to tackle any role assigned to him in service of the Lord.

Sharing his deep passion for drama ministry, Evang. Korede highlighted the involvement of his family members in this noble cause.

He praised his wife for her wholehearted dedication to serving Jesus through drama ministry, and proudly mentioned that his daughter is currently on a film location in Ibadan, actively participating in this impactful form of ministry.

Despite his advancing age, Evang. Korede remains steadfast in his faith and continues to heed the gentle voice of God, which urges him to believe that there is still much more to be done in service of Jesus.

He encouraged fellow believers, assuring them that their journey is not over until God’s work is completed, and prayed for their success and protection in their spiritual endeavors.

Evang. Moses Korede’s inspiring message serves as a poignant reminder of the unwavering commitment and passion displayed by individuals dedicated to spreading the gospel through the transformative medium of drama ministry.

His words echo a deep-seated belief in the power of faith and service, instilling hope and encouragement in the hearts of believers around the world.

In his words;

“I am a drama minister. I can do anything for Jesus, I can be asked to play any role for Jesus. I can go to any length for Jesus. I love drama ministry, my wife is all out to serve JESUS in drama ministry, my DAUGHTER is right now in a film location at Ibadan.

I can serve Jesus in anyway at anytime in any place but as a drama minister. I am getting older now but I am still hearing the gentle voice of God saying there is a lot to still do for Jesus.

Child of God it will not be over for you until it is all over. You won’t go back you won’t fall asleep before you sleep. You will end up well in Jesus mighty name”