I also key into longevity – Reactions as video of 150 years old Nigerian woman goes viral

A video of an old woman who is said to be 150 years old has gone viral and stunned many people.

The woman was visited by a lady who runs the Joy Peters Foundation and provides humanitarian services to the less privileged.

In the video posted on TikTok, the woman was seen sitting with her daughter in a small house.

Nigerian woman said to be 150 years old

What stunned many people was that she was still very strong and her beauty was still noticeable.

One outstanding feature of the old woman was how brightly her skin radiated. People who have seen the video are saying her skin looks like milk.

Joy was there to check on the woman after hearing about her and how she lives in a condition that is not so good. She was able to provide the woman with some goodies including rice and other food condiments.

The old woman performed a gentle dance in happiness after the goods got to her.

Reactions from TikTok users

@Cynthia said: “This mama go cute when she was young. See skin like milk.”
@Habibtykayanmata reacted: “Please which state?”

@Manchiee said: “God bless you, sister.”
@princess cee reacted: “May God continue to bless you.”

@user548124101206 said: “May God bless you, mama.”
@thatsugarboy said: “Good work. Keep it up!”

@user93786313167006 reacted: “May the bless you, sister.”
@Momtwins said: “May God bless you and your family.”
@Busayo Makinde said: “More grace to your elbow.”

Watch the video below:


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