Husband plenty, na you dey find pablo: Lady marries love of her life, wedding photos stir massive reactions

A TikTok slide showing a young couple during their civil and traditional wedding has stirred massive reactions online.

In one of their photos, the lady and her young husband wore the same outfits with red beads on their necks.

Cute couple getting married

After their court wedding, they posed for photos with the marriage certificate. The husband wore a white turtle neck shirt and a black jacket.

In another snap, they shared a kiss in the presence of their family and friends. Nigerians had mixed reactions to their wedding photos.

While many commented on the husband’s looks, others said everybody had a partner made for them. The TikTok slide was shared by @princessbusayoomo.

Senior Man compiled some of the reactions below:

wumsy said: “Nobody fit collect your man together forever.”

omolabake_gold said: “Ur husband is very lucky to have such a beautiful wife, God is great.”

physayourbukola said: “God bless ur new home at least na only you go Dey enjoy ur man, no sharing.”

Winner said: “Husband plenty na u Dey find Pablo.”

dauduroseline said: “The guy is good looking sincerely speaking just look close loving someone doesn’t have anything to do with the physical. Your union is blessed.”

0moola said: “Husband Plenty But Nah you Dey Find People Like Us.”

Taiwo Roseline said: “Congratulations. God bless your home.”

Adesumbo Abake said: “What happen to him now congratulations dear some people are not just normal.”

@PEACHLUV said: “Na this type of man I go marry now so nobody will collect him for my hand.”