Husband material 200 yards – Young man prepares pounded yam for wife after safe delivery (Video).

A Nigerian man demonstrated uncommon love for his wife to appreciate her after she gave birth to their child.

The young man displayed his culinary skills by entering the kitchen to pound yam and cook sumptuous meal for the new mother.

The joyful dad, who congratulated himself and his lovely wife, revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl.

A video he shared on his social media page captured him using firewood to ignite the fire before proceeding to prepare pounded yam and soup with so much focus and determination.

He captioned; “Congrats to me and my lovely wife, it’s a baby girl.

Cooking for my wife after safe delivery. I be husband material 😂200 yards”

See the clip below:

I be husband material 😂200 yards 🥰💫💯🙏

♬ Ñwa Ñkwó – Kellygzee

In reaction, @Treasure norah: Husband material 200 yard is small is think is 400 yards.

@Justme: Babe I don’t want pounded yam again I want hot ofe akwu and rice.

@user8495479690418: That pounded yam Dey call me congratulations sir God bless you for helping out.

@triple trouble: Na husband wey cook omugwo food for us we go born another baby for congratulations u be husband material 1m yard.

Meanwhile it was reported that A Nigerian lady simply known as Oyindamola has taken to Twitter to reveal how she played a guy who wanted her to cook at his place.

She said she was visiting him for the first time and he gave her the house key as well as money to buy food stuff. According to her, the man asked her to come back the next day and use to money to buy meat and pepper which she would use to cook before he comes back from work.

However, she decided to go back home because she was not comfortable with the idea of cooking, so she dropped his house key under the mattress and on her way back, she used the cash to buy food for herself instead of returning it to him.

Oyindamola wrote; ”I visited this guy for the first time and he gave me his house key and money 😂😂he said I should come the second day and buy pepper and meat so I can cook before he gets back from work 💀😂 dropped the key under his mattress and used the money to buy food on my way home.”

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@emaryomeke; This is how some people miss intentional men, he probably saw you as someone he can end up with, you think is Everyman that will let you in their space and even want to eat your food.

@Tee_Classiquem1; Nothing is funny here, he gave you his house key and money to cook for him probably out of trust or something, it won’t take you anything to tell him you ain’t cooking for him and reject his money, coming here to post it on twitter with plenty laugh emojis is what i don’t get.