Husband house made easy – Nigerians react as woman uses machine to prepare local dish, Amala (Video)

A video featuring a Nigerian woman utilizing an innovative machine to prepare the beloved local dish, Amala has surfaced on TikTok.

In the intriguing footage, the woman was seen holding a machine with a long handle, cleverly positioned inside a pot to stir the Amala to perfection.

The video quickly garnered attention from viewers who had previously encountered challenges while attempting to make this traditional dish.

A Nigerian woman expressed her thought by saying “Husband house go easy now abeg I don ready to marry!!”

Others expressed their admiration for the woman’s creative approach and shared their thoughts on this innovation in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

@HennySwitch: “Husband house go easy now abeg I don ready to marry!!”

@Queen_daniai: “We are going to have it easy when we marry sha me that have many many drill, my husband too go join me drill amala.”

@Tomilola: “I knew it say Amala no suppose take person life. I like this new innovation.”

@nuzzyluv: “A wife material will not use this, our ancestors use their life energy nah. pls how much is this jewel ojere.”

@Haruna Ibn Bello: “Lol.. u can not compare driller to hand turning, the taste will be different.”

@My name is KHAN: “Hopefully una go discover the one for pounded yam before e go take my life.”

@Amokeh: “To make amala is not my problem but to watch d pot after finished na d problem.”



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