How to choose the right marriage partner 3 (Let the relationship grow) – Gloria Bamiloye

Please don’t read this if you have not read the first part. Read Part 2 here!

Giving your life to Jesus is the beginning of your walk with God and it is an interesting one . This is because your level of personal commitment with God will determine your peace and satisfaction in life .

When you give your life to Jesus, you are taking a great step in your life time because at that moment you are crossing from death to life .

The death we are talking about here is not only when someone stop living because one may be alive but dead .

When a man fails to fulfill the purpose of God on earth ,he is not living but dead .Such person will lack direction and focus .

Multitude are in the world like that living aimlessly . They may be married and have children ,and may also have good things of life ,but they are empty.

But Jesus came to give us life in abundance and In Christ you know your purpose .You know why you are here in this world and where you are going latter . you know who to marry and why you should marry ,you know where to live and so on .

God will become your focus in everything because you now have a relationship with him

Every relationship must grow if you don’t want to loose it .Proverbs 18:24 !A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

If you have accepted the Lord Jesus as your Lord and savior ,he is now your friend and you must also show yourself friendly by developing the friendship. Let the relationship grow .

One of the best way to do this is to be closer to him. If any friendship or relationship will grow you need to work it out .You must desire to know more about him. First, by talking to him regularly and read more about him from the word of God.

You have his spirit in you the day you submit to him and allow him into your life .. God will often speaks to you or give some directions through his spirit that dwell in you or his word. ( the Bible). Whenever you begin to notice or hear some instructions from your spirit like …’why can’t you pray now ‘ or you need to read your bible now.’ or. why can’t t you limit your words , don’t go with that boy or don’t follow that girl again . etc .

God is the one talking to you and he is drawing you closer to himself .

As you obey him ,you will begin to grow and getting closer to him . The more you talk to him and pray the more God will talk to you and open you up for divine instructions that will make you grow and strong spiritually .

The real man ,your spirit man will begin to grow. And because your Heavenly Father is a spirit,you will hear him and be sensitive to his move in your life This is what it means to be alive because you are now connected to God in your spirit,

He will begin to have a say in your life and in your decision making because you are in a relationship.with him .The more the relationship grow,the more you will now HIM.

He Is a jealous God

As you grow in this friendship with God ,you will become his property and he will constantly reveals his will to you as you commune with him.

He will give a signal or warning whenever you are going out of his will. Your spirit will revolt and you will know something has gone wrong until you adjusted back into God’s will. He is a jealous God .

He does not joke with whoever belong to him ,and he will not be happy whenever he sees his friends walking against him or disobey him.

When God takes over your life, he is in charge . He determines who you will marry because of what he wants to do through that marriage He is so much interested in the Union of his friends ,his children because God is looking for a marriage or home that will project him and his interest on earth.

Your marriage is not about your self or your interest ,but about God and his interest on earth . Your marriage is to showcase the glory of God to the world and that is why he is very much interested in whoever his child marry.

When your marriage stop projecting the interest of God ,the marriage is going down and it is going out of God’s will and will soon loose its relevance .Such marriage or home is opened to attack.

Your marriage should solidify your relationship with God because that is why he allowed it to happened . His word says two are better than one so that they can both watch over one another and help one another.

He gave Eve to Adam so they can joined force together and be fruitful and multiply. He desired to show his greatness through them But when they disobeyed and they stop projecting the interest of God in the union ,they lost their relevance.

Ask yourself why you want to marry?

Are you sure you are ready spiritually?

Your purpose of getting married should go beyond having a sex partner or for procreation . When you know your purpose in God you will fully understand why you should marry .and your marriage will be sweet and fruitful not just with physical children but becoming a blessing to the world

Ask God for your purpose in life

You need to ask God for your purpose ,what he wants you to do for him .your vision or assignment he has for you to accomplish for the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth .That is what the relationship entails .

Everything about you should project the interest of God including your association ,and whoever you move or walk with. Christ must be at the center of it all .

Your purpose in life will define the company you keep and who you desire to choose as marriage partner. That is why you should seek God and ask him for his purpose for your life before you choose your marriage partner .