How Pastor D.K Olukoya Proposed To His Wife and What Happened on His Wedding Day

One of the tenets of Christianity is humility because our Master and Savior Jesus Christ also was a very humble Master who served his disciples despite his position and power he was very simple in his dealings with people.

For this who knows the man called Pastor D.K Olukoya, they have one common thing they say always and that is his humility and simplicity.

He is a man whose leadership skills are enviable and desirable because of the way he conducts himself and relates to people in the secret and the open.

Forget his fiery and fierce prayer behind the pulpit, Pastor Dr. D.K. Olukoya is a man with real sheep clothing and having a “lamb” inward. The man D.K. Olukoya is the Senior Pastor of the Mountain of Fire Miracle Ministry.

Pastor D.K. Olukoya got married to his lovely and charming wife, Sade, in the year 1986.

Before the wedding ceremony, he and his wife got to know each other while in the choir. Brother Daniel came to Sister Sade’s church as a musical director to help groom the choir.

After some time Brother Daniel heard the voice of God that Sister Shade was his wife. This was also confirmed by his father who was also a pastor.

On one fateful day, Sister Sade was told the music director would love to see her so she fasted thinking she has commented a sin.

On getting to the music director on the appointed day, Bro Daniel proposed that he heard God that she was his wife. She was then given time to pray and hear from God herself.

After she has prayed and fasted she received a confirmation from God that Brother Daniel was her husband.

Some years after Brother Daniel proposed, their courtship lasted for over a year but during the courtship period they had time out to pray and fast on issues about their life and ministry.

Though as at that time, his ministry was yet to become a full-blown one.

As they started courting they share ministry goals and visions of life together and the other things they would love to achieve together once they were married.

Both did agree that they were not going to do any cooking of food, hence, no reception.

So on the day of the wedding ceremony guests came from far and near to witness the wedding ceremony. They have, however, told their guests that they weren’t going to be serving food.

So after the wedding, there was no food to serve the guests while some of his friends have made arrangements for food.

As the meeting ended his friends began to eat while he was not served since he said no food and no reception.

After the whole wedding, he and his wife went home and use the reception time as a time of prayer and dedication of themselves to God.

He shared this experience to motivate young people not to spend all their money on the wedding ceremony because marriage is beyond the wedding day.

Though after several years there was no child they could call their own but the Lord answered their prayers after many years of waiting on the Lord. They name their only son, Elijah Toluwani Olukoya.

The Christian faith is truly not without burden but one thing we know is that it is a light one and our Redeemer lives to deliver and save us from every evil work.