How my son’s assertive demand for ‘chocolate tea’ in the middle of the night taught me a lesson – Darasimi Oyor

Darsimi Oyor has shared with her podcast listeners on Spotify one big lesson she learned from her son, Elijah, in the series titled ‘Lesson from My Son’.

Darasimi via the roughly 7-minute audio clip, narrated how her son demanded a chocolate tea while she was praying to God, but God was giving an answer to a different thing.

According to her, her son’s disposition when his request was being prepared for its answer and his attitude toward releasing what he had to get chocolate tea could be likened to Christians impatience and clinginess to what should be released to God. In her words (transcribed);

A while ago, I woke up in the middle of the night—it wasn’t so late, actually—to just pray about something. I just wanted an answer to something, a solution to something, so I was just praying to the Lord, mediating, asking him about this and all, and then my son woke up.

He woke up, and he was quite forceful; he wanted attention, and I could tell that he wanted a drink; he wanted something hot. He didn’t want water; normally he would just wake up to drink water, but he didn’t want water that night; he wanted something else. It can’t be food because it was in the middle of the night and he had eaten. I knew that he wanted a drink.

Meanwhile, as I was praying to the Lord, I was mediating, wanting an answer to something. The Lord gave me an answer to something else, and he was talking to me about something completely different, telling about how I needed to do this and that. It was completely different from what I was asking him; what he was saying was so different; it was in another train of thought, but I needed an answer in another area, and that was when my son woke up acting forcefully.

I was dragged from my place with the Lord, and I went to the kitchen. He wanted a hot chocolate drink. I took his favorite cup out; he was crying and forceful, but when he saw the cup, he was hopeful. I took the cup out, and he was reaching for the cup that I should give him. I was like, ‘Nothing is there yet’.

I gave him the cup and when he checked, he realized nothing was really in it. He began to cry. I started warming up the water and that was how we was more confused, ‘I said I wanted tea, what are you doing there?’.

According to him, he wanted a hot chocolate drink; he wanted his drink, which was supposed to be inside the cup, so what was I doing with the cooking gas and the kitchen sink? it was completely different from what he was asking. I kept watching him, but you know that I have to do this to get this; I cannot get you a hot chocolate drink without warming the water.

After the water was warmed up and everything was set, I requested for the cup to pour the content I just made inside it, and he held on to the cup. ‘How will you get this drink if I don’t pour it in the cup?’ – I questioned.

I had to tell him outright, ‘I need the cup if you need the drink’, he released it slowly. I poured the drink inside it and he was happy.

It was so profound to me because it literally reflected my conversation with the Lord. I was asking him for something, ‘God, I want this; I need this to be done,’ and He was seemingly answering me in another direction, and I think it was so funny and interesting that it was at that point that God realized I was not getting the message God was passing, so He made sure my son woke up and interpreted what we were going through with me and my eartly son the exact thing that was going through myself and my father.

This is a word of encouragement to some people. You might be asking God for something, for example, asking him for your school fees, provision, or breakthrough in different areas of your life, but God is talking about your character, talking about things you need to deal with, talking about your relationship with your father, talking about things that are not in any way related to the things you are telling him about, but God knows what He’s doing.

Probably God is preparing you for the answer that you are looking for; probably he’s setting the way for that answer that you are seeking. This is just an encouragement, as I said, that the Lord is pushing you, or rather, forcing something in your hand that is completely different from what you are asking him to do. Don’t be discouraged; rather, flow with the Lord; He knows exactly what He’s doing.

The lesson I could derive from my son holding on to the cup and the lesson I could derive from my son holding on to the cup and not giving it to me when I needed the cup to give him what he wanted is just like me not releasing what is precious to me before the Lord so that He can bless me.

There are times that the Lord will ask you for something. For example, if you are in a state of lack and you have just a little amount of money with you and the Lord is saying, ‘This money, I want you to drop it in this field, go ahead and sow it in that field’, and you are wondering, ‘Lord, what exactly are you doing to me’, I said I don’t have, this little thing I have is just to sustain me and my family, yet you want me to sow it.

Please go ahead and have the faith of Elisha that went to meet the widow, and he told her that that last portion of food you want to prepare for you and your son, prepare it for me, just go and prepare it for me, and she went ahead with faith and she made the last meal that she was to eat with her son and gave it to the prophet, and from that time on she didn’t lack anything good till the famine was over.

Just go ahead and trust the Lord. Have faith in him; he knows what you are going through, what he’s doing in your life, and the process he’s taking you through.

Please go ahead and trust him in that process. May the Lord help you in Jesus’ name.