How I survived the seven-storey building collapse in Banana Island without a scratch — Bricklayer (video).

One of the survivors of the seven-storey building that collapsed in Banana Island, Ikoyi area of Lagos state has narrated how he survived unhurt.

It will be recalled that the incident occurred on 1st Avenue in Highbrow Banana Island on Wednesday afternoon, April 12, while concreting was ongoing on the seventh floor.

Fortunately, there were no casualties in the collapse.

A man, who claims to be one of the bricklayers at the building site when it collapsed, has shared the heartwarming story of how he walked out of the rubbles without a scratch.

The man, who identified himself as Mr. Dike Ikenna, shared his testimony during a service at Living Faith Church, Ota, Ogun state, on Sunday April 16,

Recounting the incident, he said,

“I thank God for his mercies. I usually anoint myself every day before going out to work and this very day, I did likewise.

“I was on the 7th floor when It happened. I was taping the floor when I heard a deafening noise. One side of the building collapsed first.

I just said God, you didn’t tell me I will die this way or this was how I will end my life.

“One of my colleagues was with me. We were struggling to get out of the building. But we could not jump, we could not run out.

I was only shouting Jesus. I found myself on the ground. But nothing hit me. I was covered in dust.”

Watch him speak below,