How I ended up in a bar with a guy I wanted to Preach to – Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye

Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye, the wife of Damilola Mike-Bamiloye has shared one of the experiences she had when she attempted to take up the job of the Holy Spirit to convert an unbeliever to a Christian.

In a video clip shared on her Instagram page some hours ago, Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye shared that a guy in the neighborhood she once lived wanted to be closer to her.

She decided to use the opportunity to convert him but ended up in a bar with him when he requested she accompany him to a public bar to charge his phone. She said her mission was unaccompanied but the guy ended up pulling him to a bar she was not meant to be seen.

Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye further used the short story to warn Christians never to believe in the ideology of yoking themselves with unbelievers to get them saved.

In her words; “Hi guys, so I want to share a very short story of how I ended up in a bar with a guy, yes you heard me

It was long time ago, anyways I was not married then, there was this guy in our neighborhood who was persistently on my matter, just coming, knocking, that he wanted to get to know me better, and I was like guy there was no chance, it’s not possible, It can’t happen.

So one day he came to the house where I stayed, we were in the same neighborhood so he knew my address, he came to see me and he said he wanted us to go on a stroll.

So I saw it as an opportunity to share Jesus, to preach to him and we got talking, and strolling, I started talking to him about Jesus and he said he was a Christian.

But you know that kind of Christian that you cannot see any fruit in them, he told me that his battery was low and he wanted to charge his phone, but there had not been light in the neighborhood for a while so he said he wanted to charge it in a bar at the junction leading to the estate.

He said that he knew somebody at the bar so the person was going to allow him charge his phone, anyway foolish me I followed him in the name of I want to preach or I’m preaching to him.

We got into the bar, as usual the bar was dark and gloomy.

I was uncomfortable, go got charging his phone, he bought a drink, I can’t remember the name of the drink but he got me malt or something but I was uncomfortable and I was like, I just insisted that I had to leave and then we did.

Trust me brethren, I did not even end up preaching to him, or let me say he did not even end up being converted,. WHY AM I SHARING THIS STORY?

Thank you for that question, I am sharing this story because there is probably someone out there who believes that there is guy/lady that has interest in me but you are not really seeing the fruit however you think in your heart of heart that by conversing, by getting close to the person you can change the person.

It is not your job to do that, it is the holy spirit, let me quickly paint the scenario for you, imagine you being on a mountain, you are at the top of the mountain and there is someone at the bottom of the mountain that you want to reach out to.

But this mountain is very steep or sloppy and slippery, and you choose to come halfway the mountain and stretch your hand to help the person, wouldn’t it be easier for you to fall down or to be pulled down that it is to pulled up the person up.

You will be best if you stay at the top of the mountain and throw a rope or something to help the person.

So you throw the rope and the person latches on to the rope and you pull the person up.

Now that rope is the Holy Spirit, that rope is you praying and interceding, not your hand, you don’t want to stretch your hand to somebody who can easily pull you down.

So if you are in this situation and you that there is somebody that is getting to you but you are not seeing those fruits, you are not very convinced that this person is light or he’s a child of God but you keep telling yourself that you can convert the person or the person will change with time or when you get married.

Please do not be deceived, bible says be not unequally yoked with unbeliever, there is fellowship between light and darkness, righteousness and unrighteousness.

So this message is for someone out there who feels they can convert the other person, YOU CAN NOT! It is God’s place to do that.

Thank you and God bless. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE