‘How God saved us after two wild dogs attacked my daughters and I’ – Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye

I had an experience recently, if not for the mercy of God it would have been tragic, it was on my husband’s birthday and we had just finished celebrating and taking pictures and eating.

I just decided to take a stroll with the children, a harmless stroll, as we were working, I noticed there was a gate of a house that was left opened, I thought to myself, maybe it was accidentally left open and it would soon be shut.

But then as we approached the house, I realized that there were dogs in the house and these dogs were not caged, they were not tied down, they were loose, and this is me walking here with Gloria and carrying grace, and then as we kept walking, at this point it was too late to turn back, because the dogs have seen us, we were not meant to run.

As I looked at to my right to Gloria, I realized she was already running, and I tried to run into her to stop her from running, before I turned back I saw the dogs were already charging at us, they were running towards us.

I started shouting Jesus and I started shouting for help from anyone who could hear us because there was nobody on the street, aside from the two people I had already met earlier.

You know the bible says that the spirit of God came upon Samson and helped him do those things he did, yes, the spirit of God came upon me that day and I pushed Gloria into the bush, held Grace close to myself and I was using my other hand to hit the dogs.

I literally hit one of the dogs in the neck and I was shouting, these are not regular dogs, these are black…

I believe they are bull dogs or some very scary breed and I was shouting, and calling for help and thankfully at the nick of time the security man came out and was apologizing and took the dogs back and help came and God came rescued us that day.

I am sharing this video as a testimony to encourage somebody out there.

This experience taught me something, God is the reason why it wasn’t worse than it was, we sustained some injuries in the bush, crash of the grass on our bodies, but then when you look at the big picture, the dogs didn’t bite us, we didn’t end up in the hospital, things could have be much worse.

So any situation you go through that may seem hard or difficult, remember God is the reason why It wasn’t worse.

We pass through some times from situation that shake us that shake our faith and the initial response is you want to just harbor fear, you just want to lose faith and stop trusting, rather than being fearful, it is an opportunity for you to see the faithfulness of God and to encouraged that we have a God that is with us,

Bible says ‘even when you pass through the waters and when you walk through fire you will not be burnt’, it is a when situation meaning that it is certain that storm will arise but we are confident that God who has kept you in the past is able to keep you again, instead of you to be down or dejected, use that opportunity to be strengthened in faith and remind yourself that God who saw me through that experience is able to see me through.

Because I know as the matter of fact that God shut the mouth of those dogs

So instead of me to be seeing dogs tomorrow and be scared, I will chose to see dogs and remember the faithfulness of God.

He has made his promises and he will definitely and certainly come through for you, so please be encourage, do not be weak in faith but be strong in faith and remember that GOD IS FAITHFUL.