“How church kicked against my wedding because my fiancee is from another church” – Nigerian man opens up on his marital struggle

Nigerian man opens up on his marital struggle

Nelson Nwamara, a Nigerian from Abia, has spoken up about the difficulties he and his Imo hottie encountered just three years ago as a result of their differing religious beliefs.

Recently, the co-founder of Homland Group gave his mother-in-law a brand-new car as a way to celebrate. Nelson, a dynamic Catholic, and his wife, a minister at a church in Dominion City, talked about the challenges they encountered while navigating the tricky process of getting married.

The main barrier was their differing religious connections, even with the support of both families. The pair persisted in spite of this, despite encountering resistance from senior pastors who called Nelson an idol worshipper because of his religious beliefs. Despite the odds, the couple continued with their union and is now blessed with two children.

Nelson emphasized their shared beliefs and nine-year relationship while looking back on their journey and expressing no regrets.  Nelson attributed his successes, including co-founding Homland Group, to the unwavering support of his wife. READ HIS FULL POST BELOW


My wife was Dominion city Pastor.  I was a charismatic member in catholic church.  By nature of our extremism in our Christian faith it is almost impossible to get married.  Everyone aside our immediate family members kicked against it. I told a Rev father, he told me to convert my wife to catholic church before we got married.

My wife refused to tell her Pastor because she knew how brutal he would reject the marriage base on previous experiences. One of her senior pastors bluntly told her not to marry me because I am an “idol” worshiper (catholic ).

So now what do we do? Now that our church leaders are not with us? Before we married. We have been good friends for 9 years and compliment each other in many ways. We met in higher institution. She was my junior in the same department.

My wife is just like me. She is the opposite version of me. We have a lot of things in common. She is a villain and ambitious as I am and she has high moral standards. Her family love me to d@ath. My family love her to smirthering. We love each other like kilode?

We were just too perfect to be together but the only problem was the church difference. We prayed about it. God answered. God told us that true fellowship has nothing to do with label. If you put label (catholic, Redeemed, Anglican etc)in worshipping God, you’re not a true Christian and you’re not operating with the Holy spirit.

Holy spirit has no particular church.  So we made a decision to remove the “label” which is man made, and invite God to our marriage. We are 3 years happily married now with 2 cute kids . We are happy. You don’t want to know. We are prosperous in marriage and business.

Together we co founded a multi billion naira real estate company (Homland Group) that has created work opposed for over 5000 youths in Nigeria with over 50 of our realtors who have become millionaires within a year and take care of their families. With my wife as The group managing director and I the group Chairman , Our company which started in 2022 has spread to 9 major cities in Nigeria including Abuja with over 10 estates in the market.

We put aside all those doctrines and focus on us, our love and our future, and it is working very well for us. Many young ladies are still single today because their pastors or priest or parents refused them from marrying a good man because he is from different church.

Who did this to Africa ?
If I didn’t marry my wife, today there won’t be homland Group. We wouldn’t have created the jobs we created today.  We have given over 40 university students scholarships from UNIZIK AND UNIUYO through our NGO BEENTHERE FOUNDATION.

We have visited hospitals and prisons and orphanages and cleared bills of the helpless. We have sponsored a patient abroad for medical treatments and many other good deeds God is using us to do.  Imagine if the church difference has stopped us from marrying, we wouldn’t have co founded the company together and the world would be denied this good deeds.

In our union, “WE” come first before any church.  Before any Pastor or Rev Father. Our LOVE come first before any doctrine. WE MADE A DECISION TO MAKE OUR MARRIAGE WORK. We don’t allow any external influence. We stick to each other against the rest of the world.

Let me repeat WE MADE A DECISION TO MAKE OUR MARRIAGE WORK.  So in other to succeed, we changed. We give up ourselves for each other. We forgive easily. We tolerate. We try to understand one another.

Those who knew how rigid I was would be surprised how I let my wife make most of the decisions.  As long as she is happy I am fulfilled.  I am the happiest man alive today because I married my wife. And I have heard her severally giving testimonies in church on how lucky she is to marry me.

We were poor when we married, today God has blessed us with money. God didn’t look at church difference before blessing us.  You maybe wondering which Church do we now worship in?  Well, the simple answer is we worship the God almighty and we are happy like that.

We hear the word of God every Sunday, doesn’t matter the name of the “house” we worship our God in as long as it is the House of God, and we pray together as family and we love our marriage more than anything, anybody or any system.

We come first.  Yesterday, she said “Honey please be taking your son to Morning Mass. Bond with him. The value you put inside him today will be the value he will grow up with”. And I used to say “Honey, where do you want us to worship this Sunday?” Sometimes she would suggest Catholic and I would say, “But I like the preaching of Pastor Yugo, please let’s go to Dominion city”

We simply let go of our own personal interest and seek the interest of the other person. We refused to let church differences hold control of our marriage. We let God lead. We let love lead.

I have never tried to drag my wife to Catholic Church nor has she tried to drag me to Dominion city.  The value and character I saw in her that made me to desire her in the first place was built by the religious institution that she belonged to. Why would I want to cut her off from the source of what built the qualities that attracted me?

I have once said I would rather leave any church than leave my wife. And she can say that about me too. She is all I have . We are that wise now. It doesn’t matter the church we go. Dominion or catholic or Redeemed. As long as we recieve sound teaching that will help us love God more and do his will, and we prosper in our business , we are good to go.

Never allow church differences to rob you off the opportunity to be with an incredible person specially when you have in its place true love, peace of mind, joy and progress.  Never give up your precious gift for any church or Pastor or Rev father. We are one before religion came and separated us.

Let us emancipate ourselves from mental and imperialistic religious slavery. If you find love, peace and progress, marry! If you grow old without marriage because of your pastor or parents, no one will look after you. You will be a lonely old person and that site is miserable.

Africa was one before the white man came with his religion to divide us. We lived together, ate together, loved together, and married together.  Let us be one again. Let us use our brain. Did it enter well? Oya share.
Nelson Nwamara
Chairman, Homland Group

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