How an influential entertainer almost made me sle3p with h!m for fame and riches – Kunle Remi recounts (Video)


Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi has shared his encounter with an influential [email protected] entertainer in the industry.

In an interview with OAP Nedu’s podcast, Honest Bunch, he revealed how a top entertainer almost convinced him to have [email protected] !nterc0urse with him.

According to the actor, the entertainer, whose identity he kept private, had promised to make him famous and rich.

Kunle Remi admitted that he almost gave into it because he felt he couldn’t make it in the industry without engaging in such.

He said,

“Before I got into the industry, a friend in U.I then when I was in U.I said there is one of his friends who is an entertainer, he can guide you into the entertainment industry.

When I got there this nigga started calling out names and started talking. He said why did you think you weren’t selected for the ultimate search, it’s because you haven’t paid your dues.

He painted this picture like if I didn’t bend my @ss I wouldn’t make it”.

Kunle Remi further said,

“This guy came downstairs. with a candle and a jar of oil cause he said I am v!rg!n. I need to use the lubr!cant so it can be sl!ppery.

He said from there he will connect me and I will be driving a Benz”.

Kunle Remi speaks on h0m0sexuality in the entertainment industry

This isn’t the first time, Kunle Remi has opened up on h0m0sexuality in the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Punch, Remi stated that he had nothing against [email protected] However, he wants them to know that he is into w0m3n and wouldn’t want them to force their opinions on him.

Kunle reinterated that he loves w0men and would continue to love them till eternity.

“I have nothing against [email protected] provided they respect the fact that I’m into w0men and into w0men alone. Don’t force your opinions on me, as I shall not force mine on you. Jesus loves all men, but what we do with the love is up to us. I love women and that’s till eternity.

I had to put up my [email protected] orientation on Facebook because of the attention from them ([email protected]). I have been subtly denied a role because I didn’t swing that way. But so far, everybody is respecting his own lane”.