Housewife pours hot water on alleged mistress

Mrs. Esther Godwin, a food vendor, and housewife, has been detained by the police for allegedly pouring hot water on her husband’s mistress.

The alleged mistress has been identified as Samuel Endurance. According to the report, the alleged mistress is a nursing mother and was accused of having an affair with the man.

Reports say the housewife invited the alleged mistress to their home in the Olofin hamlet of Idanre in the state’s Idanre Local Council Area and requested her to come get palm oil for her husband.

When the mistress arrived at Esther’s house, she took the child from her victim and questioned her about her marriage, which she denied.

According to reports, the suspect hurried into her room and exited carrying a kettle of hot water, which she then poured on Endurance’s body.

The victim was transported right away to the town’s medical facility, but she was later sent to General Hospital, Alade Idanre, where she is currently being treated

Esther, the housewife has been arrested by the Ondo police command last weekend.