(A love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Azuka had insisted I was to be her Chief bridesmaid. At her wedding I kept looking at

how Great God was to her. Azuka was the one people thought would die, but yet God

had given her many chances. She had three amazing children and surprisingly she was

getting a second chance in marriage to a good man.

Though I was happy for her, I kept asking God, When my shoe will be delivered as I

was in my late 30s and approaching 40…

Jadesola already had a boyfriend who was very serious with her. I was very much in her

business as I didn’t want her making mistakes like me and thankfully she was a good

and obedient child. The time she stayed with the prophetess really molded her into who

she had turned out to be…

“Do you mind, if I sat here with you..?” I heard a voice saying to me, on looking up it was

Azuka and her husband’s mutual friend, Tony. The trio had attended the same

secondary school way back. I first sighted him at Papa’s Remembrance, we didn’t say

much except that Azuka introduced him as the Best man.

Today was the second time of meeting him, He was the Best Man and I was the Chief


“I have always known that God was a good God, but this marriage between Azuka and

Tobi shows that God is really good.. “

“Yes He is!” I replied out of courtesy

“I pray I see His goodness in my life as well!”

“Amen, same with me!” I said absentmindedly

“Do you mind if I have your number?” He asked in a very straightforward way that made

me turn to look at him, I saw the look in his eyes and my heart told me, he wanted more

than my number. Could he be the new Shoe God had brought my way…?

I decided to know if he was like Brother Stephen, If God brought me the same type of

single man who would accept me as a single mother…

“Before I give you my phone number, I want you to know that I am a single mother of a

20 something year old daughter, who is presently in her 2nd year in the university…, also

I have an unpleasant past.. I mean…”

“I have met Jadesola and I must say you have trained a beautiful and smart young girl, I

know all I need to know about you and since you decided to be outspoken about it, the

first time I saw your picture on Azuka’s phone about 2 months ago, I knew within my

heart there was something about you…I begged Azuka for your number but she refused

giving it to me. The first time I set my eyes on you physically at the Remembrance, I

knew you are the woman I have been looking for all these years…I have always had the

phobia for marriage because of my passion for God, I told God I would prefer to remain

single all the days of my life than for me to marry a woman that will not make me live a

good life…but there is something about you that tells me you are God’s answer to my


“And Did God say that to you?”

He didn’t give me a reply, rather He smiled….

I eventually gave him my number, after which we started communicating and in no time,

I knew He was God’s new shoe for me…

He is a newer and better version of Brother Stephen. He is a perfect blend of Papa, Bro

Stephen, Bro Kennedy and Odi all packaged in one soul by God for me. He is more

handsome than Papa, He is more deep and spiritual than Bro Stephen and Bro

Kennedy put together.

He is richer than Odi. He is also an evangelist, but doesn’t go out for early morning

evangelism rather, he spends his money on Evangelism. He is cool headed, He is

financially very smart and wealthy as he owns an ICT company….

We established a ministry for the matured singles, where we encourage them to Chase

after God and have strong faith that God never forgets any of his Children.

Everything happened very fast as I got another chance with God…. After our marriage

in the space of 3 years I had three kids. Mmesoma also was blessed with the fruit of the

womb at about the same time.

The Journey of my life has made me understand that getting it right in marriage was all

about getting it right with God…

Does God have Perfect Will in marriage for people? The perfect will of God is for His

Children to align themselves to who God wants them to be…His perfect will for you is to

become spiritually on fire for Him that He may be able to entrust another child of His to

you for you both to spend your life together.

Be perfect, if you want to have God’s Perfect Will in Marriage. God cannot give a

Spiritual dwarf in marriage to a Spiritual Giant,

However, whoever feels they have lost the best God has for them, my story shows to

you that God is able to give you another BEST, because He is a loving father, who

restores lost opportunities. He still has a lot of good Children of His, that will make a

great spouse. The only secret to it is ….

“But Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness: and all these things shall

be added unto you”. Mathew 6:33

God bless you.

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