(A love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I kept hearing a loud bang on my gate. I rushed out of bed to the gate, but I was

shocked to find police officers there…

“Madam, good morning, Are you Mrs. Odi?”

I nodded in the affirmative, hoping they had found Jadesola, but to my surprise, I


“Ma, you are needed at the Police station in respect to the attempted kidnap of Pastor

John’s children”…

“Kidnap?” I suddenly went blank

“Did my cousin pull through with the plan without paying him?” I reasoned in the split of

a second

Out of all my family members, I had a rogue of a cousin, who I kept contact with. He

was fond of asking me for money which I always gave him. I had told him about Papa

and how I felt he wasted my time building false hope and how I wanted him to pay for it.

I had jokingly told him to help me kidnap the girls and if possibly abscond with them.

The girls were just 2 years of age, so training them up as mine will not be a difficult task.

My cousin had charged me N10 million naira which I told him was too much for me.

That was the last discussion we had over the matter. I never paid him not talked about it

in fact I stopped picking his calls, after Iremide died…

“I don’t understand what you are talking about…” I said to the officers defensively…

“Madam, we have no time, get inside the car. Is anyone at home with you?” One of the

officers asked

“No…” I was taken away from the gate, I didn’t pick up my phone nor anything from

Odi’s house. I was driven to the police station where I met Papa and Azuka with my

cousin waiting to ensure my arrest…

“You, I took you as a sister and you decided to stab me in the back.” Azuka said…

“You are a devil sent from the pit of hell to destroy me, but thank God for grace…, you

are an animal that should rot in hell” Papa said

I was still not sure of what happened….

“I did not kidnap your kids…”

“Yes, because I have a good heart” my cousin said… “I recorded everything we

discussed in your house that day, and I went to play it back for these good people…”

“Oh my God!” Knowing who my cousin was, he had played a fast one on me. He was all

about money. I knew he must have done this to get money from Papa, since I told him I

wasn’t interested anymore…

My cousin played back all my conversation with him and there was nothing I could say…

I was told to write a statement, which I did and I was taken to the cell. Before being

taken in, I looked straight into Papa’s eyes…

“My greatest mistake in life was ever getting carried away with the possibility of a life

with you…My spirituality was not based on following God, it was based on following you.

Please get me out of here and I will never come close to you or your family” I said but

Papa walked out on me…

I was given permission to call someone. The only person I could call was Mmesoma,

because if I called Odi, it would be an embarrassing story to tell. Unfortunately for me,

my phone was at home…

I sat in the cell blank about what next to do with my life.

A woman was pushed into my cell in the evening. She held her Bible firmly to herself.

She wore a white apparel.

“I am not a thief! Jesus…, Son of David save me…” The woman kept pacing around the


“The devil will not have the last laugh over my life in Jesus name, I refused to be

imprisoned” the woman kept shouting…

I laid on the bare cold floor with no thoughts in my head. I was just blank…


In the middle of the night, a hand tapped me….

“Young lady, wake up….” I heard the woman say to me…

“Yes ma…” she reminded me of my mother…

“Why have you been going opposite your direction…”

“Opposite my direction?” I asked as it was not making sense to me

“Your mother had dedicated you to the Lord, for his service but a strange man has been

beating a drum that has been taken you to a different direction”

“A man… I don’t understand…” I said

“Yes, you have an uncle who calls you his wife…?” She asked…

“An uncle that calls me his wife?” I tried to remember who it was, yes it was true, my

father’s younger brother was fond of calling me his wife. It was a common tradition

among the Yoruba people as a way of having favorites among children in the entire


“Yes! My father’s younger brother, it was a pet name” I said

“Well, it was beyond a pet name, it had been registered in the Spirit realm that he is

your husband. There is nothing like careless talk. Spiritual forces do not know you are


“Ok?” As I still do not know where this was heading…

By virtue of the words that your uncle kept using to refer to you as his wife and based

on your acceptance, a covenant had been formed spiritually. Therefore, his spirit man

was always repelling you from liking the right men and going for unavailable men…” She

said and all I could do was look at her

“You lost a child recently?” She asked

“It was his Spirit man that was angry at you for marrying another man”

“Jesus!” I exclaimed as I suddenly remembered the dream of the man who was

slamming the baby on the floor…

“So you mean my uncle is an evil man?” I said silently

“Not necessarily, he might have been calling you that ignorantly but his Spirit man had

accepted it, and then his spirit man in collaboration with wicked forces who naturally do

not want good lives for human beings will work at using that as a legal ground to

frustrate you….

I kept looking at her dazed and wondering

“Can this be true?, Can the devil make one get interested in the unavailable men as a

way of wasting one’s time…?

(A love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

What can I do?” I asked with the weakest sound my mouth could produce…

“Are you born again?”

“No, but I know what it means to be…”

“You need to hurriedly do so, because as we speak, there is a last bus that has been

arranged for you, if you miss it, you may enter other buses but you won’t be as

comfortable as you should be…” She said…

She was talking in parables and I could not wrap my head around it.

“Ma, you are speaking in parables…Please help me…” I said

“Do what you need to do first!” She said as she laid her head on the floor.

I sat there pouring out my tears unto the Lord…I remembered my mother’s dedication to

God. I remembered her labor of early morning evangelism and I asked the Lord to

please give me another opportunity in life. I told Him I wasn’t going to be running after

marriage anymore, I told Him, I was totally for Him….

I genuinely gave my life to Christ that night and made up my mind to forget marital


I asked myself…

“What if you do not get married in life, does it stop you from being human?”

That night was my night of turn around. It felt like God sat with me in that cell speaking

to me, and telling me I was created for a greater purpose.

I was running after a man, thinking I would find my security in him, but little did I know

that he had nothing to offer…

By morning, Papa came to release me, speaking to the DPO on my behalf.

When I got out, we stood by the car…

“I couldn’t sleep overnight as the Holy Spirit kept chastising me.. I am sorry for leading

you on back then. I have learnt a big lesson which I will teach single brothers who have been placed in high spiritual positions to never lead single sisters on or allow them play

widely roles for them. I am really sorry sis Timileyin.”

“It’s Ok…,” Was all I could say.

I saw the female minister I had stayed in the cell also walk out…

“Ma, you have been released?”

“Yes! I now see why I was brought in here, God wanted me to deliver His message to


“Hmmm… Do you mind coming with me…?” I asked her

“No… I need to get back to my home”

Papa dropped me off at my house and from there, there was no turning back…

I called Mmesoma and I explained all that happened. I told her I needed her help.